A Weird Weather Weekend: Part I—The Ice Storm and the Film Series at Railroad Square

img_5069As the title of this post suggests, we had a weird, weird weekend with the weather. On Friday night and into Saturday, there was another one of those events that we Mainers love so well—an ice storm. Fortunately, this one didn’t last very long, and it didn’t knock out the power. Nevertheless, when we got up on Saturday, there was a thin coat of ice outside on everything—the steps, the driveway, and our road.

To console ourselves, Clif and I scarfed down a few of Mrs. Dunster’s chocolate sugared donut holes as we debated the merits of staying home or going to Waterville for the first film in the Cinema Exploration film series at Railroad Square. (Waterville is about 25 miles away.) Now, anyone with a lick of common sense would have resigned herself to staying home for yet another weekend and working on one of the many projects that are pending. But Clif and I were just plain tired of having to cancel our plans because of bad weather. Thus the debate.

“Well,” Clif said. “It’s supposed to warm up by noon.”

“And the roads won’t be so slippery then,” I finished. When two people have lived together for nearly forty years, they tend to finish each other’s sentences.

“Let’s try it,” Clif said. And try it we did, skittering down the steps, slipping across the driveway, and skidding up the Narrows Pond Road, where a cop’s car was parked at the top, presumably to discourage anyone from sliding down the road right into the Narrows Pond.

“This is terrible,” Clif said.

“It is,” I replied. “But let’s see how the main roads are.”

The main roads were not great but passable, salted and sanded enough so that a trip to Waterville seemed possible and not suicidal. Therefore on we went, making it to Waterville in pretty good time. And here’s the amazing thing—we weren’t the only nutcases that had braved the slippery roads to come to the film series. There were 15 of us for the morning show and another 15 for the noon show. I expect a lot of people felt the way we did—they were tired of being cooped up inside because of bad weather.

After the film—What is Cinema?—we had lunch with our friends Alice and Joel at the Mexican Restaurant adjoining Railroad Square. We all agreed that What is Cinema? was a good movie and that the series was off to a great start. We had a long, leisurely lunch, and by gum, by the time we had finished, it had indeed warmed up. While it was raining rather hard, the roads were more than passable, free of ice and not particularly slippery.

We made it home without incident, where we were greeted by the dog and the cats. We turned up the heat, made tea, and settled on the couch with our respective books. The orange cat was on my lap, the dog beside me on the couch, and Little Miss, the black and white cat, was at the other end. (We have a long couch.) The rain beat on the roof, and we were glad to be home. But we were also glad that we had gone to the film series.

No matter how much you love home—and I love mine very much—it is good to go out now and then. Especially this winter, when we have had to stay inside so much because of bad weather.

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