Our Valentine’s Day Meal

IMG_3055I am happy to report that the new recipe I used for barbecue beef in a crock pot was a smashing success. As I had hoped, the house was fragrant with the smell of the cooking beef when Clif came home from work, and those smells certainly whetted the appetite. We went all out with candles, music, and wine and a long leisurely meal where we talked about various musicians—the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Neil Young, to name a few—as well as politics, and, yes, even Shakespeare, one of my favorite topics.

The barbecue beef was everything it ought to have been—tender, spicy, smokey with a rich tomato base. We also had rice, corn, homemade bread, and homemade applesauce.

“Tell me,” I asked Clif as we ate. “How does this beef compare with scalloped scallops?” (This recipe from an old Fannie Farmer cookbook is one of his favorite meals, and we usually have it for our anniversary.)

“I’d have to put them at the same level,” Clif replied. “In fact, this sauce is so good that we could make it this summer for when we barbecue on the grill.”

Indeed, we could. Then there was silence as we finished our meal. Hoping for handouts, the cats and the dog circled the table. As we are soft touches when it comes to animals, they were not disappointed. The candlelight made everything look cozy. We sipped our wine, we ate our meal, and afterwards we were so full that we didn’t even have room for the Pepperidge Farm chocolate turnovers. No matter. They are in the freezer, and we can have them another time.

All in all, a very nice Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Our Valentine’s Day Meal”

  1. Sounds like a lovely evening and meal! Thank you for the BBQ beef recipe link. Did you use liquid smoke? I was wondering if I skipped that ingredient what the impact would be on the final outcome.

    1. I did use liquid smoke. If you skipped it, then I expect the sauce would still be good but it would not have that “smokey” flavor, which is one that Clif and I like so much. If you do make it without the smoke, let me know how the sauce turns out.

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