Lunch with Ali at Pad Thai Too in Waterville

Yesterday, I went to Pad Thai Too in Waterville to have lunch with Ali, who is engaging, friendly, and down-to-earth. She’s a master gardener who manages to grow astonishing amounts of vegetables on an in-town lot. (Those who are looking to reduce the cost of their grocery bill should take note—-growing your own food really makes a difference.) She also has hens. Our conversation ranged from family to gardening to cooking to politics. She enquired after the girls and Liam. I asked about her home renovations, and we chatted with the ease of old friends. But here’s the thing—we aren’t old friends. Yesterday was the first time we had ever met. But in a sense, we are old friends, having met several years ago through our blogs—Henbogle and A Good Eater. We’ve been wanting to get together for lunch for some time, and finally, we did.

Blogs are curious things. There is a wide variety of blogs, which include online columns for newspapers and magazines as well as the musings of everyday people about their lives and the things that interest them. My blog and Ali’s blog fall into the latter category, and we follow each other’s blogs because of our similar interests. In an earlier time, letters might have been the vehicle for this kind of friendship, but today we have the computer, which allows communities—around the state, around the country, around the world—to form based around those similar interests.

“I’d really like to organize a get together for Maine bloggers,” Ali said.

“That would be so much fun,” I replied.

And we also agreed that we’d like to get together for lunch again, when schedules allow.

Now, what about the food at Pad Thai Too? It was very tasty indeed. I had a combination platter of spring rolls, vegetarian fried rice, satay, and dumplings. I ate every bit of it.


Ali had Khao Soi, a soup with chicken (tofu is also an option), crispy noodles, soft noodles, mustard greens, red and yellow curry, and coconut milk. It looked so good that I vowed to order it the next time I went to Pad Thai Too.


All in all, a very good day with great food and even better company.






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  1. The company was outstanding! I had a lovely time, and couldn’t believe how quickly time time flew. I will be looking forward to our next lunch.

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