A Valentine’s Day Present for Clif

IMG_3048My husband, Clif, and I used to go out to eat on Valentine’s Day, but after a few times, we both decided it was no fun. The restaurants were packed, the service wasn’t that good, and overall, our experience was mediocre at best and pricy to boot. So nowadays my Valentine’s present to Clif is a meal of his choice, from beginning to end. As long as there is a box of chocolates in the mix—preferably from See’s—neither of us regrets this decision.

This year, Clif made things quite easy—barbecue beef, baked potatoes, corn, and Pepperidge Farm chocolate turnovers for dessert. (Readers, these turnovers are fantastic! You can find them in the frozen-food section of the grocery store.) I don’t cook beef very often, so I had to search the Internet for a recipe, and I found this one on Food.com. 

I liked the combination of spices and flavors of the Food.com recipe, and as soon as I post this piece, I’ll be getting the beef ready for the crockpot. By midafternoon, the house will be fragrant with the smell of cooking beef. I’ll also be making homemade bread, and this, too, will add to the aromas that will greet Clif when he comes home. Since I plan on taking the dog for a walk in the woods today, I’ll also get to smell these good things when I come in from the walk.

I’m a great believer in celebrating events big and small. Celebrations perk up our lives. They add a much-needed zip to all the work of everyday life, no matter how satisfying that work might be. However, especially on Valentine’s Day, those who are single can feel a little left out, so I would like to share a quotation from Ida LeClair, whom I have recently written about: “If you don’t have a sweetie right now, be your own sweetie, and do something nice for yourself today. You’re worth it!”

Right on, Ida!




3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Present for Clif”

  1. Sounds fabulous – enjoy! I think Michael and I are going to go for an early dinner at Dogfish and then maybe stop at Two Fat Cats for a small pie for dessert!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Going is early is essential to having a good time on Valentine’s Day. Hope you have a great meal and dessert.

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