Must Be Santa

At least for now, the warm spell is over, and in Maine, December finally feels like December.

This morning I woke up to find we’d had a dusting of snow overnight.

And there was frost on the outside storm windows.

But all is warm inside our house on the edge of the woods.

On Saturday, I started my Christmas baking and made cookies, chocolate chip. Most went into the freezer—raw and rolled into balls. But I baked some to be eaten ahead of time.

The Santas are out, here, there, and everywhere. Carol Ann, of the lovely blog Fashioned for Joy, asked me to share some pictures of my Santa collection. Ask and you shall receive.

This week, more Santas will be coming out. There will also be more baking—pumpkin bread and ice cream. I’ll make a big batch of chili. All for the freezer to be ready for the big weekend.

And of course a flurry of cleaning. After focusing on my new book Of Time and Magic for so many months, the cleaning is much needed.

Ho, ho, ho!

56 thoughts on “Must Be Santa”

  1. I love, love, love your Santas! Thank you so much for giving me an early Christmas present. I enjoyed scrolling through your compelling photos: the first Santa flies with joy (enhanced by the well-placed “moon” ornament); the second makes me smile with his sartorial dignity; the third seems rascally; and the fourth beckons us onward. I’m still peeking at them.

    My baking starts soon too. And many thanks for mentioning me!

  2. Trying to get through my To Do list today and tomorrow so that I can hopefully start baking more cookies. I froze one batch of sourdough einkorn chocolate chip (unfortunately I burnt the second batch- ugh…totally forgot it was in there for ‘one more minute’) and a dozen gluten free brownies. I’m excited to bake this year which is interesting because I couldn’t have cared less last year!

  3. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”!! The snow is pretty, but I’m glad it’s yours, not mine. Although in retrospect, perhaps snowy Sheltie paws are easier to clean than muddy ones!

  4. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We had a dusting of snow too, but it’s gone now. Your ornaments remind me that I, too, have a bunch of Santa ornaments. Somewhere. Yours sure are pretty! 🙂

  5. I love your Santas. I freeze cookies in balls just like you do, and they bake up great. Glad you’re getting all ready for the big family holiday. We got a little more snow than you did. I actually had to move it off the driveway, but I could push it so big deal. Enjoy your baking.

  6. Oh goodness. Cold weather, baking, cleaning, Santas. You’re inspiring me. I really like the Sanat with the green diamonds in his vest and the one who’s dress like a wizard in a cloak…

  7. With so many other matters to tend to, a dusting of snow is enough. On a cold day, with the prettiness of a dusting of snow outside, staying inside with the smell of freshly baked goodies is perfect.

  8. What a delightful nudge for me to be ‘getting on’ in my preparations for Christmas! I hope to wrap gifts today and start baking tomorrow. My youngest granddaughter would love a ‘real tree, Granny’, but as they wilt so quickly in this heat I will only pick and decorate one a day or two before they arrive 🙂

  9. I love all the prep work you are doing! And, of course, the Santas are adorable. It is freezing here in NH and I also spent the weekend baking up a storm, hoping to warm the house up a little bit. It was lovely!

  10. Your Santas are wonderful! I don’t have a single Santa, but I have a good number of angels, including a pair that belonged to my grandmother. Tomorrow, I’ll do some baking from her recipes: traditional Swedish cookies like Spritz, and a fruitcake-like cookie that begins with a pound of bourbon-soaked raisins. There’s a clerk at our local liquor store who always laughs when she sees me coming — she knows I’ll be buying a pint for the cookies.

      1. I’d never heard of Mary Berry, but when I looked her up and saw that her most famous recipe is said to be a ‘lemon traybake,’ I approved, since I love lemon. Now I have to look up the definition of ‘traybake.’

  11. Please send emergency food parcel to the UK immediately; around 500 cookies would do nicely, thank you! 🙂 And regarding the flurry of cleaning, if it’s waited all this time surely a further delay (until after Christmas) wouldn’t do any harm…why do today what you can put off until 2023?! Ho, ho, ho indeed.

  12. What a lovely variety of Santas! Your cookies look good – no wonder one had to be tested just to be sure. I’m not sure about the cleaning though, that is much less fun.

  13. Your Santas are so festive, Laurie. And nothing like all that frost on the outside of the windows when the inside is warm and smelling of cookies. Enjoy the holiday season, my friend. ❤ ❤

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