One of the Highlights of My Year

On Saturday, I went to The Art Walk in downtown Winthrop. It’s a lovely shop that features handcrafted items from local artists, authors, and crafters.

As it turns out, The Art Walk features my books, and I am happy to report that my novels have been selling well there and in many other places, too. So well, in fact, that almost every day, UPS comes by with another box of books to replenish our supply.

While I love to go to The Art Walk to buy special gifts for family and friends, last Saturday I was there for a book signing. (In between signing books, I did manage to buy several presents.)

As I sat by my table and listened to Christmas music and the happy chatter of holiday shoppers—somehow small stores have such a good vibe—two women, a mother and daughter, walked in and came right over. I am friends with both on Facebook, and I knew they might be coming, but because it has been thirty years since we last got together, it was such a treat to see them. Thirty years ago, the daughter was a little girl. Thirty years ago, they lived in Winthrop. Thirty years ago, the mother helped me bake a peanut butter cake for Clif’s birthday.

But then, as such things happen, they moved out of town, and we lost touch with each other. I know there are a lot of bad things about Facebook, but thanks to Facebook, we reconnected.

And here’s the most wonderful thing—we chatted as though we had met as recently as last week. There were no awkward silences, and the conversation just flowed. As the title of this post indicates, seeing them was one of the highlights of my year.

They bought books, and I signed them. Before they left, I promised to have them over next summer for lunch on the patio when the flowers in the back garden are in bloom.

The mother promised to make a peanut butter cake to celebrate finally getting together after thirty years.

Can’t wait! I’m already planning what I will make for them.


72 thoughts on “One of the Highlights of My Year”

  1. What a lovely connection to make, and yes, I think there are some positives to Facebook, it keeps me in touch with old friends and family.
    By the way, ”Maya and the book of Everything” bought through Booktopia, is one its way, so I’ll send a photo when it arrives!

  2. What a sweet story! Congratulations on the book sales, and how wonderful to reconnect with an old friend. I too find Facebook a good way to stay in touch with distant friends and family members.

  3. It sounds like you are having an idyllic and very happy holiday season, Laurie and Clif! Congratulations on the book sales! Reconnecting with old friends is a wonderful thing!

  4. W hat a heart-warming post. By co-incidence there was an item on our radio today about an well known author who went to a book signing and nobody else came, so you did very well

  5. There’s something about old friends. They already know you, and even with time and distance, you only need to catch up–no need to decide what to reveal or keep close. I see that I have missed the latest book!!! Aaaaiiieee! I will be onsite to order soon. I’m so glad that they’re selling like hotcakes. Yes to the entrepreneurial small press!

  6. Well done on the continuing success of your books Laurie.
    I have a very long standing friend too. We don’t connect very often but, when we do, it’s as if we’ve never been apart.

  7. Great to be able to meet with someone from your (distant!) past and pick up the conversation as if you’d just popped out for a slice of peanut butter cake! πŸ™‚

  8. Isn’t it fun to reconnect? It’s especially nice when there’s no ‘gap’ at all. I can’t wait for your friend to see your garden in bloom, or to hear more about that peanut butter cake! (I’ve never heard of such a thing.)

  9. How wonderful, Laurie! It’s amazing when “old” friends get together after time apart and reconnect instantly. I know this mom-daughter team will be delighted to see your pretty garden, and I hope you’ll remember to tell us more about that peanut butter cake. Really? There’s such a thing??

  10. What a beautiful friendship story and how wonderful you already have plans to see each other next year!πŸ™‚ Sounds like it was a great day and congratulations on the book sales.πŸ™‚

  11. For similar reasons, I don’t see myself leaving Facebook. There are people I want on my life who can’t manage letters because of illness or who become friends *because* of Facebook.

    1. I don’t see myself leaving Facebook either, for the reasons you listed. Also, it’s place to promote my books. I do take care not to go overboard with this.

  12. I love how you resumed your friendship exactly where you left off. What a blessing, and such a lovely feeling. Your wonderful books are leaving breadcrumbs directly to you — they’re given people the chance not only to engage in a fun story but also to tell you how much they value you.

    And the store sounds delightful. Small businesses are places where magic happens.

  13. What a wonderful meet-up! And I’m so glad your books are selling so well. You’re right about Facebook. There are many things wrong with it, but there are some positives to it.

  14. It sounds like you had a wonderful day, Laurie. The spirit of Christmas all around you, book sales, and reconnecting with old friends. That’s what the season is all about. ❀

  15. What a lovely story Laurie and how wonderful you have seen each other again after 30 years and how the joy of it all melts the sense of time away πŸ’–

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