Little Visitor to Ladder Village

Editing, gardening, house cleaning around the edges. Rinse and repeat. In my own slow way, I’m making progress, but there is still much to do. Therefore, I’ve only got time for a short post this week.

Fortunately, my daughter Dee agreed to let me share her picture of an adorable little visitor to Ladder Village. She took it from inside, but even so, the photo came out pretty darned well.

Until next week!


I keep listening to this beautiful hymn of a song. Even though I featured Alisa Amador last week, “Together” is so lovely that I decided to feature it alone rather than as part of a set. A much-needed reprieve from all that’s going on right now.

53 thoughts on “Little Visitor to Ladder Village”

  1. That is a very clever photo Dee. I love reading your posts laurie but when you are busy I am happy to wait for you to finish the urgent stuff and write when you have more time – after all I want to read book 4!

  2. Cute! Hope you’re getting some time outside to enjoy the great weather we’ve been having. It could stay like this all summer and I wouldn’t mind at all. 🙂

  3. What a fine specimen that chipmunk is, a real tough guy or “a bit of a bruiser” as we might say around here. Definitely the cutest critter I’m going to see all week!

    1. Chipmunks are cute little rodents. Best thing about them is that they don’t try to come inside. They are perfectly content with being outdoors.

  4. Your visitor is cute, looks just like visitors we have here! 🙂 I have lost the war with the garden. I never really began to fight. Maybe tomorrow…

      1. Yes…it’s a week today. I went out to the place in the yard this morning and talked to her. I am so glad I don’t have to face her leaving today, but I miss her so much I also wish she were here.

  5. Your shampoo, rinse and repeat makes me smile in recognition — and in admiration for all the writing/editing you’re doing. Hurray!

    The chipmunk made me smile, and the music quieted my heart. A hymn, indeed.

    1. Our yard could be called Chipmunk Village. Fortunately, these cute little rodents mind their own business and don’t try to come inside. We enjoy watching them rush around.

  6. Such a lovely capture – it took me a while to unpack which is always fun!
    The song (you rightly call it a hymn) is a balm in this unbelievable time.

    On on, Laurie!

  7. Thank you for the song. It’s beautiful. Your little visitor is so cute. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chipmunk in the area where we live now. Makes me wonder if they live here. I’ll have to check.

  8. Hi Laurie, I’m late to the party, finally catching up with your post. Thank you for recommending Alisa Amador, what a lovely sweet voice she has, so easy to listen to, and yet there is a melancholy feel to it.
    Best wishes, and I hope your book is completed now..

  9. PS: Also, thank you SO much for recommending the movie, Lunana: A Yak in the Garden…I absolutely loved it, as did all my teaching friends.. Just wonderful!

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