The Beauty of Early June

Editing, editing, editing. The work is intense, but somehow I find it satisfying to tighten my writing.

The gardens are flourishing. The weather has been a nearly perfect combination of rain and sun. How often does that happen?

The other morning, I went out with my camera to record some of the beauty of early June.

My favorite iris.

Rain drops on hostas.

Minerva, guardian of the front yard.

Elegant Solomon’s Seal.

Finally, a whirring visitor to the feeder. A little blurry, but I know that many readers love seeing pictures of hummingbirds.


Because I’m still in the weeds of gardening and editing—couldn’t resist that description—I don’t have time for my usual slate of recommendations. And I probably won’t until late June, when (I hope) the bulk of the work is finished. However, I do have time toΒ  include a link to Alisa Amador’s Tiny Desk Concert. What a musician! Easy to understand why she won the 2022 Tiny Desk Contest.

66 thoughts on “The Beauty of Early June”

  1. Laurie, I agree: there’s something satisfying about tightening/cleaning up our writing. I know you’re eager to get past all that though, so you can present your “baby” to the world! Your garden is lovely and yes, I do enjoy seeing hummingbirds — they almost look too fragile to fly!

  2. Beautiful plants. You have the most beautiful iris plants I have ever seen. Nice you had a hummingbird come for a visit.

  3. Beautiful pics, Laurie, including the hummingbird. Gosh, they are hard to capture in a photo when on the wing. Good luck with your editing.

  4. Is that Sweet Woodruff beneath the Solomon’s Seal? I have that and love it so much. It doesn’t like the sun and heat, so I guess yours is happier than mine.

  5. Lovely garden blooms, Laurie. Your favorite iris looks like raspberry ice cream with a dollop of whipped cream on top! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing the TDC with us, she’s great.

  6. Wow that Iris is a knockout! Your garden is looking good, and gardening must be a pleasant switch when you have been writing all day ….but I know what you mean, writing and editing are very satisfying in their own right.

  7. Your garden looks great. If I had to pick a month, it would be June…so full of promise. Sending good vibes for your editing.

  8. Good to see your thriving plants and listen to Alisa’s enchanting voice. We, too, are experiencing that perfect combination of sun and rain.

  9. Garden looks lovely. I am back at home now 😁. Lot of cleaning is needed but first take pictures of Dandelions and other weeds πŸ˜€

  10. A humming bird visited my window feeder just as I saw the picture you shared – serendipity! πŸ™‚

    Love these photos of your garden. And glad to hear that you’re enjoying editing right now!

    1. The snail (and slug) damage will come later this summer. They chew the leaves into a green lace, but the plants survive. Glad you liked Alisa.

  11. Your garden is so lush and inviting. Raindrops on Hosta and Solomon’s Seal (two of my favorites) and those beautiful ferns! Good luck with your editing. It is indeed a satisfying process, akin to gardening!

  12. A lovely peek at your garden, Laurie. My Soloman’s Seal is blooming now, but that’s about it so far. You’re “in the weeds” of editing. Lol. I hope the next couple of weeks brings great strides and lots of sun.

  13. I’ve yet to see a hummingbird this year, so it was especially pleasing to see yours. The garden looks wonderful; I’m beginning to appreciate the hostas, which aren’t common around here. The texture of the leaves is wonderful!

  14. Your gardens look wonderful and I always love seeing hummingbirds!πŸ™‚ Haven’t been able to capture a photo of them yet, they always visit when I don’t have my camera. Good luck with your editing!πŸ™‚

  15. A beautiful lush garden Laurie, lovely to see it so nourished by the rain! Thank you for sharing Alisa’s wonderful concert and wishing you happy editing βœπŸ€

  16. Hello again ! Congratulations on finnishing your book ! And wow to your garden !! You have been busy !

  17. The whirring hummingbird well captured! We don’t have these lovelies in Singapore, only their cousins, Sunbirds. A family of them have moved into our condo gardens … it is a lovely sighting when we are fortunate.

    On on! cheering you!

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