15 Below Zero: Back to a Real Maine Winter

At 7 a.m. it was 15 below zero, and more than a little brisk.

Inside, when I woke up, it was a balmy 60 degrees, and in bare feet, I hurried across the cold kitchen tiles to turn on the gas heater. Rest assured that as I type this, I am wearing socks and warm slippers. πŸ˜‰

While such extreme cold is unusual nowadays, when I was young it was common to have a stretch of cold weather like this the end of January.

It was also common to have big snowstorms, nor’easters, blow up the coast, and we still have those each winter. This weekend, the weather forecast predicts a nor’easter, and right now we are slated to get between eight to ten inches of snow. The coast might get twenty inches. Good thing we have Snow Joe to help with the clean-up.

I’ll be out with my camera to get pictures of the storm.

Stay tuned.

65 thoughts on “15 Below Zero: Back to a Real Maine Winter”

  1. Be careful out there, Laurie! We had snow this morning and, while it’s still cold, it’s at least above zero. I’m hoping for a nice January thaw, ha!

  2. We’re going to get 1-2 inches, but I’ll still enjoy it. I’m glad you aren’t getting the 20 the coast may get. We used to get those storms every other winter or so, but haven’t lately, and I’m not complaining, but I’m glad you’re all provisioned and have the new snow blower!!!Stay warm. I look forward to your pictures!!!

  3. That is cold…… looks like you bought Snow Joe just in time! I guess it is time to bunker down with a movie or book for a few days. Keep warm.

  4. Oh, Laurie, that’s cold, wicked cold. Keep Snow Joe/Little Blue all warmed up and ready to go when the snow flies. We’re getting cold blowing through this weekend with a chance of light flurries but nothing like that. Wow!

  5. I think I remember someone who was longing for a ‘real’ winter. As my dear mother used to say, be careful what you wish for — you might get it! Stay toasty, and tell Snow Joe his big chance is coming!

  6. That’s cold even for us. Here it was raining until yesterday but today it’s snowing. Every year winter is different. Take care.

  7. Again, I can’t get my head around the temperatures! Thank goodness for Snow Joe! and a warm comfy hide-out! Looking forward to views of your snowy landscapes!

  8. I need some rainy days to catch up on you and Mr Tootlepedal but I am just checking in to say I am thinking of you as the storm approaches and wish you a smooth ride through it.

  9. No photos yet, so I assume that you are waiting for the storm to end, clean up to begin, etc. We are at 9F this morning. We have been running both wood stoves since Thursday evening, so we are toasty. – Oscar

  10. Loved your β€œa little brisk” description of 15 below zero and looking forward to the snowy photos!πŸ™‚ Stay safe out in the snow and I hope your knee is still getting better.πŸ™‚

    1. My knee is much better. Thanks for thinking of me. And the weather is still a little on the brisk side. However, it’s supposed to warm up latter this week.

    1. How kind of you to think of us. For us, the storm wasn’t that bad. Only nine inches of light fluffy snow and best of all, no power outage. Yay! The storm was worse farther south, say, in coastal Massachusetts.

      1. Losing power is the worst, so I’m glad it stayed on for the duration. We tend to lose power in the summer due to brown outs when all the AC’s overload the system. I remember one winter outage though. We had the boys sleeping in our room so we could conserve heat.

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