42 thoughts on “Winter at the Dam”

  1. It’s beautiful. And, it looks as cold as it probably is. Kudos to you for bringing us this lovely scene! (I presume you weren’t barefooted for this one!)

    1. Tee-hee! No, indeed. I was wearing boots AND socks. But let me tell you, my little fingers were freezing when I took that picture. Had to take my gloves off.

    1. Definitely colder than average, but I need to qualify this. Colder than average for the last ten years. When I was a child, such weather was usual for the end of January.

  2. What a great photo Laurie, the barn so beautifully framed amongst the trees, and the water. Perhaps because we don’t get snow here, it reminds me of stories like Little Women.

  3. Gee, Laurie, this is stunning — looks like it should be a calendar photo, perhaps for December or January. Oh, by the way, I saw an ad on TV today for the Snow Joe y’all bought — very impressive!!

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