En Hiver

In the still, in the cold…

Although I love spring and summer and the lengthening of the days, I also cherish this time of year, this time of giving, this time of rest, when I have tea on the couch at 4:00, and out the big window I watch the sky go from blue to black and the bright shine of Venus, which glitters just above the horizon.

I will be taking a blogging break from now until the New Year. Because of Covid, it will definitely be a staycation, but it will be a luxury to read in the mornings, play board games in the afternoon, and watch Oscar nominees at night. And, of course, nibble on treats.

I know many of you are wondering about Little Green, our trusty electric snow thrower. Clif did indeed find the problem—a rascally rodent, probably a mouse, who not only made a nest inside Little Green but chewed the belt in half as well. A new belt is on the way.

Because I am Franco-American, I wish those who celebrate Christmas a joyeux Noël.

And to everyone a Bonne Année.

Whatever you celebrate, have a joyous and safe time. I hope your holidays are filled with warmth, merriment, and good food.

See you all in 2022.


72 thoughts on “En Hiver”

  1. Gorgeous picture Laurie! Love how you’ve captured the stillness. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 😊🙏

  2. Dear lovely friend I am so happy to hear you are taking a break and will be home safe and enjoying the quiet winter season. I shared with Tom the good news about Little Green so hooray for clever Clif! My favorite Christmas song is Jeannette Isabella. Not many people know it because it is French. Sending love always! ❤

    1. How sweet of you to be concerned about Little Green. You will not be surprised to learn that Jeanette Isabella is one of my favorite songs. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  3. Glad Little Green is reparable. Hopefully, the belt will be in place before the next storm hits. 🙂
    Enjoy your staycation, and Christmas blessings to you, Clif and Dee. Enjoy!

  4. We had the same thing happen to our car. The mice made a nest in the engine compartment and chewed some wired. Made quite a mess of things, the rascals! Enjoy your Christmas season and be blessed in the New Year with all the good that life holds!

  5. I’ve been watching Venus, too — that at least is something of the natural world we share in this winter season. Enjoy your time away; what you have planned sounds delightful. Merry Christmas — and may all your snow be snow, rather than sleet or slush or freezing rain!

  6. Wishing you and Clif and your family a lovely rest, good treats and everything you wish for in 2022! Your blog has been such an inspiration to me, and I hope to do a better job on mine in the new year!

  7. Have a wonderful time, resting, playing and nibbling – a bit like that pesky rodent really! They seem to like little green! Take care, and I hope 2022 is a very good year indeed for you and your family.

  8. Avoir un joyeux Noël, Laurie, et aussi…Bonne année et bonne santé! (I had to ask Professor Google to help with this as it’s half a century since I studied French. But I’m sure you get the point…have a good one, my friend)

  9. Joyeuses fêtes et mes meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année.
    Or, have a great Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year.

  10. I’m glad that Little Greene can be fixed – you certainly don’t want to be without it now. Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for 2022.

  11. What a lovely winter rest to have! I am such a lover of summer that for years I would start to feel low in the fall, knowing what was coming, but after I began to garden seriously, I came to appreciate the rest the earth and we need and now I look forward to winter as a rest time as well. Enjoy your down time. Joyeaux Noel et bonne annee (without the diacriticals; not sure how to access them). I look forward to more blogging in the new year–as well as as action from Little Green.

  12. Your staycation sounds divine. And I love the quiet simplicity of sitting on the couch with a cup of tea at 4 pm and watching the sky go from blue to black. Beautifully expressed. Merry Christmas to you too!

  13. Happy Christmas to you and Clif! I’m sure it must be wonderful to know that your family are now much closer to you, despite not being there for Christmas.
    I always enjoy reading your blog and especially during our long Lockdowns last year. Looking forward to reading more interesting posts from you in the 2022.
    Best wishes for 2022.

  14. Also…from previous posts, so sorry you hurt your knee. There is a deadly curb where there should not be one in Long Beach, too, and I have seen tourists trip on it. Once when I worked (gardened) at a resort, I was advised that if a guest fell over anything, never apologize or admit the resort was in the wrong!! I have fallen off a curb before flat on my face. And that one was where there was supposed to be a curb.

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