A White Christmas

On Saturday we got another small snowstorm that left about four inches, which is enough to give Mainers what they always crave in December—a white Christmas.

The day after the storm was beautiful, as it often is, and out I went to take some pictures.

Here is our backyard, on the edge of the woods, looking very northern with its snow-covered trees.

Next, a side view of Clif cleaning the driveway. (Little Green conked out, and Clif will soon be doing an assessment to see if the snow-thrower can be fixed, or if we need to buy another one.)

Then, a view from the front of our cozy home tucked by the woods.

Finally, a picture I know you’ve all been waiting for—the trusty town plow. Thanks to the diligence of the people who clean our roads, we are never stranded at our homes for more than half a day, no matter how much snow we get. Note how clear the road is a day after the storm.

This is what you  might call a lucky shot. With camera in hand, I happened to be by the mailbox across the street from our home, when I heard the distinctive roar of the plow. I didn’t have to wait long before it came thundering up the road. After exchanging a friendly wave with the driver, I took a picture of the truck with its sand and plow that is so essential to life in the north in the winter.

70 thoughts on “A White Christmas”

  1. Oh no, Little Green gave out? Well, he certainly has served you well. Yes, the sound of the snow blow blowing by lets you know it is winter, and you are so right about them doing a wonderful job of keeping the roads passable. Applause to all of those hearty folks who leave their warm homes to keep the roads clean for all of us. Have a great week!

  2. It’s getting there! We’re now forecast to get up to 15 cms (6-7” ins) on Wed. We’ll see. Are you in line for the same storm? Then it would definitely feel like Christmas!

  3. I’m thinking about your house being all on one level. Good for a long life. My son-in-law would really like my husband and me to consider moving to one level.

  4. How pretty ! Glad to hear your Christmas will be white ! Ours will be green and very wet. Have a Merry Christmas !!!

  5. I so enjoy seeing shadows on snow, and you have some fine ones. I hope you do have a perfect, snowy Christmas. It won’t be happening here, that’s for sure — but we can make up for it by eating ice cream with our pie!

  6. You jammy thing getting a white Christmas! We have had a few dry days but now rain is forecast on and off every day through the holiday. I hope little green survives though he does seem to be becoming a bit unreliable. Well done for your council keeping the roads clear. If we get snow here it stays until one of the farmers gets fed up enough to clear it with the scraper on the tractor usually used for clearing cow poo off the yard! The big roads are cleared but ours is too small to get done.

    1. Many thanks! Today’s post will contain an update about Little Green. In our town, only private roads are not plowed by the town. The private roads always have associations where everyone chips in to for plowing and other maintenance.In Maine, the roads must be plowed in the winter. 😉

  7. Laurie, I’m enjoying your white Christmas vicariously this year — we’re supposed to be unseasonably warm for the day. And I’m loving it, frankly! Your shots are beautiful, especially of the snow-covered pines. Enjoy hunkering in a bit!

  8. Stranded no more than half a day made me smile. It’s a case of perspective, isn’t it? But then again, a pretty good service, as I imagine you being a little bit remote there on the edge of the woods.

  9. We had a white Christmas evening, so unusual that we don’t even have snowplows, so bus service and everything shut down as it got quite icy. Fortunately, we are on staycation but haven’t a care except for running a dribble of water to keep pipes from freezing.

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