Of Lemons and Santa

A day or two ago in the mail I received a delightful package from my blogging friend Betsy. In it were lemons from a tree in her very own backyard—how cool is that?—a vintage Santa, and a card with a Nordic design, which, being a northern woman, I absolutely love.

Many, many thanks Betsy!

48 thoughts on “Of Lemons and Santa”

  1. You are so welcome Laurie!!! Your blog is such a wonderful gift in my life and I wanted to show my appreciation. The lemons are 2 kinds. Meyer lemons are a southern CA specialty. They are growing in all the older homes back yards. They are not shipped out of state because of their thin skin and they have an important place in CA cuisine. They are like a cross between a lemon and a tangerine. The other lemons are the more traditional Eureka.
    I know you love Santa so I am always looking out for an orphan one that needs your care. This one, made in Japan, would be from our childhood.
    I, too, am a northern woman in spirit because my mom’s dad was a Norwegian immigrant and grew up in N. Dakota!❀

  2. Yum, fresh lemons! What are your plans for them, Laurie? Lemonade? Lemon meringue pie? Lemon bars? Gee, I’m making myself hungry!!

  3. Oh, those lemons are beautiful. I thought the little ones might be Meyers, but had no idea the other one. Nice friends!!!! and the gnome and goat are great.

  4. Now that must have been a great, lemon scented parcel to open up. I love the vintage santa – he’s adorable but also sort of creepy 😁

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