First Real Snowfall

Yesterday, we had our first real snowfall, three inches of light, fluffy snow. So easy to clean that Clif didn’t even need to use Little Green, our trusty snow thrower.  A shovel did the trick.

Everything is pretty and fresh after a snowfall. Here are some pictures from the front  yard.

Here is one of our backyard by the woods.

And last night when I heard the snow plow go by, it was the real thing, not a phantom sound the way it had been a month earlier.

Winter is here.

66 thoughts on “First Real Snowfall”

  1. I’m chuckling as I read this. I went out this morning to take pics of my 2 or so inches of snow. Can’t exactly tell what your flowers are, but mine are similar: sedum, flox and laurel in the snow. Of course, I haven’t got around to posting them yet! 😉

  2. Oh dear. I’m just NOT ready for Winter! You’ve captured some of its stark beauty, but I find myself shivering just looking at all that snow!

  3. Snow is so beautiful–especially when you don’t have to be anywhere. We so rarely get any, that I will live vicariously through your blog…

  4. It really is beautiful. I’m so glad it was light and fluffy, and not more slush. Your snow wouldn’t have a chance here; our high today was 80 degrees, and I was sweating! Your photos are delightful. I especially enjoyed seeing the snow ‘hats’ and the single leaf on its snowy bed.

  5. Snow and sunshine! What a beautiful combination. I especially appreciated the photo of your backyard, which I’ve enjoyed evolving through the seasons. I can’t wait for Virginia’s blanket . . . in February.

  6. I love the way that snow makes everything magical – even not very nice things like nettles or dustbins! (Not that you have those in your garden)

  7. Just looking at those pictures makes me shiver. Much better to view from the safety of my laptop than to be out and about in conditions like that. Enjoy!

  8. Beautiful! I love the snow globes. I know it has been snowing overnight here because of the depths of the silence when I wake up. It’s a rare treat for us.

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