The Last Golden Days of October

October, one of the most glorious months in Maine, is coming to an end. This year, the leaves were a blaze of glory, and the slant of the sun just added to nature’s pageant. By the last week of October, many of the leaves have fallen, and I have raked the driveway clean while Clif has used his electric mower to pick up the leaves on the lawn.

Still, that slant of the sun and the last golden bits make a fine ending to this wonderful month. Soon, austere November will be here, but for now I am enjoying every last bit of October.


To make an already terrific month even better, our eldest daughter’s birthday is this week. For the first time in over twenty years, she is here with us, and we will be able to celebrate with her. Ages ago, she took this week off to go visit her sister in North Carolina. For various reasons, the trip didn’t work out, but she decided to still take the week off. This means we can celebrate early and often, our favorite thing to do.

Unfortunately, the week promises to be a rainy one. Never mind! We are keen on movies and board games, both of which are perfect for rainy days. Pizza just might be in the mix, and, of course, cake. After all, what is a birthday without cake?

And, if the weather allows, we just might slide in another trip to Wolfe’s Neck State Park.

Fingers crossed that the weather gods smile on us.

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  1. Laurie, you’re so fortunate that your October has been so lovely. Normally, it is here, too, but this year has been an exception. Far too much rain, far too crazy temperatures, and a most persistent wind. I’m hoping November will prove to be better!

  2. I enjoyed your fall photos, especially the stone bench amid the fallen leaves, with contemplative Buddha and snoozing cat. I am glad you have more time with your daughter, and wish her a happy birthday.

    Leaf color here is nowhere near as vibrant as it is in New England, but it is more colorful this year than I might have thought with the long drought.

  3. Sweet images as nature celebrates her last hurrah, Laurie. It is a bittersweet time of year.
    HB to Dee, sounds like you have a great week’s of activities planned. Thurs and Fri are supposed to be nice, enjoy that outing to the state park.

  4. Fingers crossed for you. But whatever the weather, birthday wishes head your daughter’s way as you enjoy her celebration together.

  5. Enjoy another round of birthday celebrations! And thank you for the lovely photos.

  6. It’s beautiful here, too, although still very warm. We’re supposed to get a “cool” front soon, meaning highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. My favorite quote about October is from Anne of Green Gables: “Oh, to live in the world that has Octobers!” Today is my sister’s birthday, but she’s in Florida–no fall there!

  7. We’re still waiting for a little golden something to show here, but it’s wonderful that the month has been good to you. It’s great that you’ll have real time to celebrate with your daughter, rain or no rain. It’s the being together that counts!

  8. Wishing you a wonderful visit with your daughter!
    Loved your pics. I have to say that here in central Massachusetts, the color hasn’t been as bright as usual. You can’t win them all! I do love that “golden” color anywhere, but especially on a field of ferns….

  9. It will be wonderful spending a birthday with your daughter….. a rare occurrence if your adult children live a long way from home! Your garden is still colourful and bright, so enjoy the last week of October!

  10. Have a wonderful time with your daughter – you have twenty years of missed birthdays to catch up on.
    It’s Mr. T.’s birthday on Halloween and it will be the first time for years that we’ll all be together in the U.K so we’ll be visiting Miss T. the Elder and her boyfriend’s first home of their own.followed by a Sunday roast in a nice pub.

  11. Beautiful photos, Laurie. We’ve had a gorgeous October, too. So nice that Dee is still with you during her birthday week. Happy birthday to her, and enjoy the celebrations!

  12. I love this: “This year, the leaves were a blaze of glory, and the slant of the sun just added to nature’s pageant.” Laurie, these are lovely words to describe this time of year and that first photo enhances the tail. October has long been one of my favorite months, starting with my birthday, ending with Halloween, and all the joys in between: the color, generally cooler weather, and the smell of leaf decay. You’ve painted a cozy picture of board games, pizza, and movies indoors while the rain taps at your windows. Enjoy!

  13. This is the time of year I visited Maine 42 years ago. I loved the raking light and the intense fall colors were so glorious to me since I grew up in S. California. The dear friend I traveled with died this past summer so these photos bring a lump to my throat with their beauty and my sweet memories. I am so glad for your special time celebrating with your daughter. Golden October and a birthday make the days extra magical!

      1. This sounds so cozy and fun! What board games do you enjoy? I am thinking of family Christmas presents. ❀

      2. We are playing Reign of Cthulhu, a fantasy game that is also one where the players must cooperate with each other. It takes awhile to figure out the rules, but once you do the game is pretty easy to play. And fun! There are various levels and we are still at the beginners stage even though we have played it quite a few times. Also, each game lasts about an hour, another good feature. It doesn’t drag for hours.

  14. Our leaves were not that brilliant this year. And we’ve only had one light frost so far, so my hostas haven’t frozen yet. I need to go out I guess and just cut them down. Usually I wait. But it seems like it might be really cold when I clean them up if I wait much longer. Happy birthday to your daughter!!

  15. Love October and your wonderful photos!πŸ™‚ Our fall colors are beautiful right now and our steady rotation of leaves falling daily continues. Happy Birthday to your daughter and enjoy another wonderful week of celebrating!!πŸ™‚

  16. My fingers are crossed for your daughter’s birthday week. I love to see that tiny hosta. Its leaves are still fresh and green, so quite a contrast with the yellow one.

  17. Happy birthday Dee! May it be a fabulous day/week/month of celebrations!

    Thank you for sharing the fall glories of your garden.

  18. So inspiring photos and among the beautiful flowers Lord Buddha photo lovely πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸŒΉπŸ™πŸΌ
    October month special for me because my two granddaughters Happy Birthday also β™₯οΈπŸ‘

  19. Lovely autumn impressions, Laurie. We have to absorb those still-warm rays of sun and shades of color while we can. And celebrate birthdays with abandon.
    I hope November won’t be too austere.

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