52 thoughts on “Mushroom Collages”

  1. Quite beautiful and a wonderful way of showing the changing of the season next to the woods. I really enjoy the photographs you feature of your environment, Laurie.

  2. You have reminded me that I ought to see if there are any field mushrooms on the farm next door! There were loads a couple of years ago. There are plenty of the inedible types around – such lovely shapes and colours. I particularly like the waxcaps which are scarlet and shiny.

  3. Beautiful autumn photos, Laurie. You have captured the mood and spirit of the season.

    It is chanterelle time out here, and I’ve been buying them at the farmers’ market. Cooked with garlic in olive oil with a little salt and pepper, they are wonderful topping for a linguine side dish on a cold autumn night..

  4. Great photos. I love the look of mushrooms, but don’t know enough about them to i.d. them. The other day, I took a pic of a mushroom I often see when walking in the woods. Looking it up at home, I found it was a “destroying angel”. Totally poisonous. But it looked so sweet….;-)

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