One More Celebratory Trip: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park

Last Friday, to cap our celebratory week, we went to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park, a rocky spike of land that juts into the ocean. (Maine has an astonishing 5,000 miles of coastline, even more than California. How does Maine accomplish this? By a multitude of peninsulas that cut in and out, in and out, from New Hampshire all the way to Canada.)

The lighthouse was commissioned in 1827 by John Quincy Adams, and it has become an iconic image of the Maine coast. The lighthouse and the keeper’s cottage have a simple, old-timey look, very pleasing to this Mainer who loves clean lines and simplicity.

And what is a lighthouse without views? (Look who photobombed the first picture.)

Maine has been called “The Country of the Pointed Firs,” and the above photos certainly illustrate this.

As we were wandering around, admiring the scenery and taking pictures, dark clouds swept in, providing a perfectly spooky backdrop for the lighthouse. (After all, Halloween is coming.)

Dee said, “We’d better have our tea and cookies before it rains.”

“Right,” I replied, and we found a bench big enough for the three of us.

Amazingly, like a scene from a fantasy novel, the clouds swept by, leaving blue sky and sunshine and time to take pictures of monarchs and asters. Alas, the little beauties wouldn’t pose with open wings, and this is the best that I got.

The bee on the rose was a little more obliging.

Now, it’s back to work and projects, which I must admit is a bit of a letdown. No more day trips to the ocean, no more stops for ice cream on the way home, no more late afternoon cocktails.

But what a grand week we had celebrating Clif’s 70th birthday.


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53 thoughts on “One More Celebratory Trip: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park”

  1. Wow Laurie, that is by far the best light keeper’s cottage I have seen anywhere! What a wonderful week of celebration you have all enjoyed – any work after this is bound feel stodgy by comparison at first. Thank you for drawing attention to my road blocks. I had to halt during my walk around the suburb this morning while a herd of cows was chased across the main road into town to graze in the open veld beyond. Needless to say, some were back munching the grass verges within the hour!

  2. Thank you for the link and lovely comment, Laurie. I am glad you enjoyed the post and shared it with readers!

    Beautiful photos, Laurie! Clean lines and simplicity are things I enjoy, too. I love lighthouses, and the sea. If I were not here on the farm in the foothills, I would enjoy living in the light keeper’s cottage, though not in a tsunami zone as are found along along our own coastline here. πŸ™‚ There are a few lighthouses along the Oregon coast that are on my list to visit.

  3. You may be starting a new trend, Laurie, week-long birthday extravaganzas as the default option! Well done. I hope Clif feels well and truly feted now and all ready for his new decade.

  4. That butterfly and the bee are just too pretty! And yes, I think so even if you didn’t get the butterfly to spread its wings. Amazing that Maine has so much coastline — thanks for educating me this morning, Laurie.

    1. I, too, was surprised to read about Maine’s extensive coastline. And I’m a fifth-generation Mainer. Glad you liked the photo of the butterfly and the bee.

  5. Oh my, but Clif had one fabulous birthday. I love the lighthouse and the history behind it. We’ll excuse the photobomb because you got some great shots. Thanks for the shout out on the wheel. I must admit I even like looking out the window at it. πŸ™‚ Now, I’ll head over and check out your other links.

  6. I do love lighthouses, and it’s so interesting to see the various styles from around the country. This one is a beauty, and I’d say your visit was the perfect ending for a very special week. Now you and Clif should be ready to let your lights shine!

  7. LIghthouses are so magical, and you’ve really captured their spirit, I think. I haven’t been to Maine for a while, but pre covid, I was enjoying Cape Cod lighthouses and windmills. (Windmills have a similar appeal to me.) Thanks for the lovely post.
    Wishing you a colorful fall,

  8. O.K. I think you are definitely the champion of ‘how to spread out birthday celebrations for as long as possible,’ Although the Queen does a fairly good job of it too πŸ˜‰

  9. I love going to the sea so that sounds a perfect day out to me! Love that lighthouse – it looks just as lighthouses should. I hope you have another excuse for an extended celebration coming up soon.

    1. Yes, yes. As for another extended celebration…our daughter Dee, who is staying with us, has a birthday the end of October, and she will be on vacation then. Our cooler and our thermos for tea are at the ready. πŸ˜‰

  10. A fitting conclusion to birthday treats – such a variety of sky conditions, and I am glad the weather held for you.

    I love all these views of Maine – it really is very lovely and much scenic & architectural charm. Thank you so much for sharing a different world with me.

    I must say Dee has my kind of priorities: tea & cookies regardless of the weather!

  11. Oh wow what a lighthouse and cottage…..I’m afraid Australian lighthouses just do not match up in any way to yours. What an incredible coastline Maine has! It’s a beautiful part of the world.
    This has been a birthday to remember all round. Hope you have a lovely week in your newly painted house!

  12. I’ve been there!! (Why does that excite me? lol!) That is such a gorgeous area. I wish I could live there.
    I love that you take a full week to celebrate. πŸ™‚

  13. Beautiful photographs and coastal scenery Laurie! What a glorious week you’ve had celebrating and thank you so much for letting us walk along with you here πŸ’›

  14. What a wonderful week and photos, with an absolutely fabulous shot of the spooky lighthouse!! I think we must find a weekly reason for more ice cream and cocktails!!😁

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