Clif’s 70th Birthday

Yesterday was the actual date of Clif’s birthday. As regular readers know, we are firm believers in celebrating birthdays early and often. We had his big party a week or so ago, but we couldn’t let the 27th go by without doing a little something.

So off to Hallowell we went, to grab appetizers from the local Chinese restaurant and settle by the river to enjoy them.

The day was cloudy but warm, perfect, actually, to be by the water.Β  In a flash, two hours went by as we ate, chatted, and watched the river, which caught bands of rippling blue from the sky.

We saw a number of cormorants swimming, fishing, and resting. Here is a picture of one flapping its wings.

We also saw gulls, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture as they were on the move.

Afterward, we came home and had drinks on the patio.

We all agreed it was a lovely way to celebrate a birthday.

74 thoughts on “Clif’s 70th Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Clif. What a wonderful celebration of the start of a new decade – I hope you will both see many more happy birthdays together.

  2. Happy birthday Clif! What a lovely way to celebrate, and this is a very well earned birthday after all the household chores you and Laurie have done.

  3. Happy birthday Clif! What a wonderfully peaceful way to celebrate. Sitting by lovely water and watching birds with your spouse while enjoying a special lunch sounds very appealing and I am going to borrow this idea for my birthday! (The only problem is it won’t be in beautiful Maine.)

  4. I love this birthday month-long celebrations … I am glad we are not the only household that celebrates long!

    That egg roll really brought back memories: it was one of my favouritest things to eat in Chinese restaurants when I lived in Texas. Nothing quite like it!

  5. What a beautiful way to celebrate Laurie, belated happy birthday wishes for Clif! πŸ€—πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰

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