September 24: Friday Favorites—A Card and Two Sweet Kitties

Because of a busy schedule, I haven’t been posting on Fridays for quite a while, and therefore haven’t been sharing Friday Favorites.ย  However, this week, I received the sweetest little packet from my blogging friend Ju-Lyn of Touring My Backyard, and I had to bring Friday Favorites back for at least this week.

Here is what Ju-Lyn sent:

Ju-Lyn wrote that her eldest daughter tatted the bookmarks. Also that the kitties remind her of our own Little Miss and the stone cat (Minerva) in our front garden.

Many, many thanks, Ju-Lyn. What a wonderful surprise!


Next week, I truly am on vacation. No painting trim, no standing on the toilet to reach difficult spots. Dee has taken the week off, and weather permitting, we are hoping to go to the coast a few times, have snacks by the river in a nearby town, and generally do a little more celebrating in honor of Clif’s 70th turn around the sun.

So far, the weather forecast looks very encouraging. I hope to get some good pictures and if I do, I’ll share them in short posts throughout the week.

The following week—the first week of October—I plan to be back to a more or less regular schedule.

Until then…


44 thoughts on “September 24: Friday Favorites—A Card and Two Sweet Kitties”

  1. Little surprise ‘for no reason in particular’ gifts are just the best! Handmade ones carry so much love. Enjoy your week of holiday.

  2. What a lovely, thoughtful gift! Enjoy your time off and away, Laurie — looking forward to seeing some of the sights you’ll be sharing.

  3. You captured the kitties & the card so artistically – I am so glad you received them. One never knows about the postal system these days: a friend from Boston sent a Christmas card in Dec 2020, and we only received it in June 2021!

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