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A little belatedly, I am joining the What’s on  your Bookshelf challenge hosted by Donna, of Retirement Reflections as well as her friends Sue Loncaric, Debbie Harris, and Jo Tracey.  The challenge, open to anyone, is for folks to share their love of books by posting  what they’ve read each month. Catnip to this book nerd, that’s for sure. On Donna’s post, there are basic guidelines for readers who are interested in joining the challenge.

Recently, when I expressed interest in the Bookshelf challenge, Donna generously suggested I could start by featuring my own books. I must admit that this had not occurred to me. But after considering the idea for about two seconds, I thought, “Well, why not?” As an indie writer, I am always grateful to have venues for sharing my books, especially during this fourth wave of Covid, when we are staying pretty close to home.

Thanks, Donna, for letting me toot my own horn. Next month, I’ll feature what I’ve been reading rather than what I have written.

So here are the three YA fantasy novels in my Great Library Series, in order from left to right:

For readers who are unfamiliar with my books, here is a brief synopsis:

In my Great Library Series, two forces—Time and Chaos—battle each other for control of the Great Library, that mysterious place at the center of the universe where all information flows. When the series begins, Time is in charge of the Great Library, where the sentient Books of Everything are made. Then, the Books are sent to various planets to help guide the inhabitants.

Earth has a Book of Everything, and it is in big trouble. The Book is being pursued by Chet, aka the man who doesn’t smile. Chet  belongs to a shadowy organization called APO, which wants to kidnap the Book and stop it from helping Earth.

When Maya and the Book of Everything opens, Maya Hammond, a teenager, is on a train heading to Maine to visit her grandparents. On the train, she inadvertently gains possession of Earth’s Book of Everything. Once at her grandparents, Maya discovers the Book can take her back in time, and she goes to Waterville, Maine, in the 1970s, where she meets a boy named Andy.

From Waterville, Maine, it’s off across the universe—actually two universes—where Maya is caught in the battle between Time and Chaos. There are some victories, but there is also heartbreak and destruction. With strong forces working against her, it seems unlikely that Maya will prevail.

But onward Maya goes, despite her doubts and fears.

I am currently working on the fourth book in the series, and the planned release is fall of 2022.



49 thoughts on “What’s on My Bookshelf?”

      1. Well, I actually have a list of the 5 books she bought when she was just visiting us (hurray!). They’re on Grandma’s receipt! Darkness Outside Us. You know Me Well. Two Can Keep a Secret. King of Scars. One Last Stop. Does this tell you anything?!

  1. I enjoyed the adventures and action in all three of your books and I think they appeal to all ages, not just YA. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment to find out what next happens to Maya!

  2. If I wanted to spend more time on WP, I might sign up for the challenge myself. But as it is, I will enjoy reading about your favorite books, Laurie. I think it’s wonderful that your fourth book is in the works and I hope the writing is going well.
    Happy reading and writing,

  3. From the description of your books they fit right into life today! Time and chaos….. they are great topics and YA readers would absorb these themes like a sponge. I bet you must really enjoy writing on these topics, your enthusiasm shines through. Best wishes and, as I wrote on Judy’s post…. stay safe and cool!

    1. Thanks so much! There is a far amount of realism in my books, and yes, taken from the situation we are facing today. The central theme of the series is that facts do matter. This has become a quaint notion.

  4. Hi, Laurie – Thank you so much for joining us at WOYBS and for featuring your books (I was hoping that you would). I love the creativity and adventure of your stories … and your podcasts as well!

    1. Thank you, thank you! Never would have thought of featuring my books if you hadn’t suggested it. Getting next months challenge organized. As I mostly read library books, I have to think ahead.

  5. I am glad you enjoy reading but it makes me want to go to sleep. 🙂 Most of the books on my shelf are cookbooks and books about gardening and plants. I hope you and yours are doing well.

  6. Your books sound very interesting and hats off to you for getting them out into the world for others to enjoy!

  7. I am waiting impatiently for book 4 because I enjoyed the first 3 so much! I’m still a big kid at heart! And I shall look forward to seeing what you choose next time for these posts.

  8. I agree with Eliza that the Great Library Series is wonderfully addictive for older readers too. Anyone who likes fantasty novels should have these on their reading list. As you know, I’m eagerly awaiting your fourth!

  9. I love that you featured your own books. I also love the artwork on the book covers. I’m asking myself why I haven’t bought your books yet. They sound like stories I would thoroughly enjoy. I’m going to remedy that now. 🙂

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