56 thoughts on “Glorious Coleus”

  1. Those really are gorgeous. I like the way you’ve combined the various colors; when I see them in landscapes around here, the palette’s not so varied. Yours is more attractive by far.

  2. Something we DO have here in Texas! I planted some from *seed* in pots in the old house before we put it on the market and it grew like crazy! So I uprooted some and brought it to the new house. We’ve had an unusually mild and wet summer, so that may be part of why they’ve grown so well

  3. Those coleus are lovely! I must try them here for colour that doesn’t rely on flowering.

    1. In a shady yard, the burst of color is most welcome. And, as you noted, the color doesn’t rely on flowering. Win-win for this house on the edge of the woods.

  4. Your beautiful photograph reminds me of growing coleus from stems during my boarding school years: some of us would root the stems in a jar of water and then plant them in tins placed on the windowsills of our bedrooms.They needed more sunlight than we could give them, so this tended to be an ongoing process.

  5. These are lovely, Laurie — you really have a Green Thumb! I had Coleus once upon a time many moons ago. I suppose they got left behind in one of my many moves. Sad. I probably ought to remedy that one of these days.

  6. Beautiful plants! I tried growing coleus from seed along with my marigolds, but was not successful. I think I’ll start earlier with my remaining seeds next year.

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