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  1. A memory came to me of my one visit to Maine with my dear friend who just died unexpectedly on July 1st. We went down to the sea with a woman to collect rose hips so that she could make jars of beautiful jam. I cannot remember her name but I remember her smile and how her voice softened when she told us about her recent meeting with the Dalai Lama. This was in 1984. So long ago but funny how memories surface.

  2. There’s something to be said for photographing nature during a cloudy day, Laurie. The colors POP, and you don’t focus so much on the weather as on the subject at hand. Beautiful!!

  3. Here I am at least…so far behind there are posts I won’t be able to comment on. It’s that time of year, took me a month just to read a book. I’ve missed this blog though and thought often of when I could catch up on its simple pleasures of life!

  4. I just want to make a comment on an older post, June 30th, I think, now that I’m caught up. I applaud your choices to drive less, not take plane trips and consider all your energy use. I have so many friends who won’t give up traveling…flying hither and yon, overseas, gardening tours, and so on. Some are my age, with money, and have had plenty of travel in their lives. Some travel to other countries to visit close family, which I think is certainly the best reason. The younger people understandably resent the suggestion that they should not travel, because the older generation did, and why should they be deprived? They want to see Greece, or France, or any lovely tropical island, in their lifetimes. But if we all don’t reduce our consumption, will there be a future? And yet on the other hand, I’ve read the argument that our small efforts mean nothing as long as the planes are still flying, and that it is big corporations who are destroying our world and must change. Anyway….I just appreciate you talking about it and I am with you on a small footprint. I feel concern when we even drive two hours and back for a garden tour, and wish we could afford an electric van (we need a big vehicle for work).

    1. People want to do what they want to do. A part of me understands this. But we need to pull up our adult panties and use some restraint. You put it so well: “But if we all don’t reduce our consumption, will there be a future?” Yes, there is the argument that individual actions don’t matter. That we need systemic change. I’ve grappled with that notion and have come to the conclusion that even if it’s true, I need to live my life in accordance with my ideals. It won’t be a perfect life. No life is. But it will be lived with the idea of doing what’s best for the planet and for future generations. And I know just what you mean about feeling concern about driving two hours for something special—a garden tour, a trip to the ocean, whatever. Perhaps we should view at as something we indulge in once in awhile, like cake?

  5. Maine is my happy place. We dream of buying a house on the rocky coast. May I ask where you visited? Feel free to respond via email if you don’t want to put that up on your blog! And feel free to totally ignore my question 🙂

    1. I don’t mind telling you at all. We went to Ocean Point in East Boothbay. Far less crowded than Boothbay Harbor. Off the beaten path and not much there in the way of touristy shops and restaurants. All to the good, as far as we were concerned. 😉

      1. Yes, winning the lottery would be a requirement for most folks. East Boothbay is a lovely little community. Very quiet. But busy Boothbay, with shops and places to eat, is not far away.

  6. Your seaside is quite different from ours, but equally pleasing. We’re a little short on natural rocks, but seagulls and boats? Those, we share!

  7. What a shame you are not getting more sunshine whilst Dee is free to go out and about with you! But actually the seaside is often less crowded when the day is cloudy and cool. Lovely pictures.

  8. Beautiful, even on a gray day. I love Maine. We stayed in Bremen last time we were there. I think that’s not too far (as the crow flies or the boat sails — not as the car drives) from where you took these photos.

  9. Beautiful! even on a grey day!
    What an usually rccky coastline – at least to me … my experience with beaches is largely sandy.

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