Drinks on the Patio

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, our daughter Dee is staying with us until she must return to her office. (No official date on that yet.) Having her here has been like a tonic for Clif and me, a real pick-me-up during this time of Covid.

This week, Dee is on vacation, and we have a week planned with simple pleasures, including a trip to the ocean, friends coming over for drinks and appetizers, and Thai take-out.

On Saturday, to kick-off Dee’s vacation, we had drinks on the patio

along with Clif’s legendary grilled bread.

Little Miss Watson joined us for drinks,

as did Chip. (Or was this Dale? We have a hard time telling them apart.)

We also had this jumper come to the table.

A note about Little Miss: She is an old cat whose instinct for hunting is weak.Β  Basically, she is an indoor cat and usually only goes out with us and then comes back in when we do. The chipmunks do not fear Little Miss, and they run around freely when she is out. Little Miss watches the chipmunks as they scamper, and I get the impression that she doesn’t think it’s worth her while to chase them.

Anyway…as we are on vacation with Dee, posts will be short and filled with pictures. Next Monday, I’ll return to sharing posts from blogging friends.


74 thoughts on “Drinks on the Patio”

  1. I think, during the pandemic, the simple pleasures we could no longer enjoy became the ones we missed the most. I long for the day that our cats will be as non-threatenng as Little Miss,
    Have a wonderful time with Dee.

  2. Aww, Little Miss looks so much like our late lamented Samantha. Difference? The chippies had every reason to fear Samantha. She didn’t hurt them (well, not physically) but she liked to bring them home!

  3. Hahaha! The shared drinking arrangements between Little Miss and the chipmunks made me Lol. Clearly the chipmunks do not view her as a threat.

    That bread looks amazing!

    Enjoy your week together! 😊

  4. What a sweet time for you all! And yet another thing I miss: chipmunks! We don’t have them here in Texas. I do remember them well from when I lived in Ohio. Enjoy this happy time!

  5. Loved that the critters get their drinks, too. πŸ™‚
    Glad to see you have grasshoppers… ours are worryingly absent. I know they can be garden pests, but they feed the birds, so I hope that is why there aren’t many this year– they went to feed nestlings. I hope that is why! πŸ™‚
    Have fun this week… all your plans sound wonderful.

  6. My mom would have loved to have one of us home for a longer period of time. We were usually in for a long weekend at most. That’s one of my regrets. I can imagine having her aroud is really special. And that bread looks amazing!

  7. Enjoy Dee’s vacation! I’d love a “Grilled Bread” tip or two when you are back to blogging. I’ve heard of Cliff’s specialty for years, and have even tried to emulate it, but I am not hitting the mark.

  8. I wish we had chipmunks. Our squirrels are sweet and fun, but there’s nothing more appealing than a chipmunk –unless it might be Clif’s bread!

  9. I love how you vacation!
    and that you have so many guest appearances by little critters!
    Clif’s grilled bread looks divine – is it cooked entirely on the grill?

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