73 thoughts on “Coming in for a Landing”

  1. WOW! You put some of our blogging friends with amazing photographic skills on notice with these shots. WOW again! It reminds me of watching planes land as a kid. I hope you did a happy dance because you should have. 🙂

    1. A-w-w-w, thanks, Judy! I was in the right place at the right time with the right light. Snap, snap, snap. Yes, I was pretty darned pleased with my wee camera.

  2. What a joy to see your hummingbird(s). You have an excellent glowing lure. It must be like looking in at the ice cream on display at the supermarket for them.

  3. Amazing photos of the humming bird, well photographed! Imagine the energy that little bird needs to fly and land on the right platform!

  4. There’s very little in life more entertaining than hummingbird watching, and you’ve captured the essence of their appeal with your photos. They’re enchanting creatures; I never tire of them.

  5. Ahh! Amazing job with the pictures! I’m sitting at my desk with a hummingbird feeder stuck on the window and watching them zoom up to me as I type this 🙂 (well, I hear them before I see them!)

    (PS: I found your blog via your comment at The Tiny Potager. You mentioned you were in Maine. I’m in New Hampshire!)

    1. Many thanks. And thanks so much for stopping by! Fun to think that you, in New Hampshire, came across my blog from a comment I left at The Tiny Potager, who blogs in England. The wonderful world of blogging!

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