From Books to Wine to the Patio

Last weekend the weather was fine—hot, but not too hot, and dry. Cooler weather from Canada had pushed the horrible heat and humidity away. Many thanks, Canada! Exactly the way summer in Maine should be, and perfect for everything we had planned.

On Saturday, Clif and I set up a book table at The Art Walk, one of the nicest gift shops in the area. Readers who live nearby, do keep this store in mind when you want a special gift for a special person, including yourself. (I might have bought a present for a special person who lives far away.) The prices and selection are fantastic, and everything is handmade by local artists and crafters.

Barbara Walsh, another Winthrop writer, set up next to me.

Unfortunately, the day was slow, and not many people came by. Never mind. I had a great time chatting with Barbara as well as Nick and his mother Terry, who run the store. Terry even brought a box of cannolis and shared them with us. So nice and so tasty.

After that, it was on to getting together with our friends Dawna and Jim, who recently bought a new house, a sweet little ranch with beautiful gardens. We brought a bottle of wine, glasses, and a wine opener. That way we could toast them and wish them many happy years in their new home. (Their house is pretty darned empty as they will be moving in next week.)

Sunday was another fine day, and I spent a couple of hours on the patio. I read the paper and caught up on blog reading and commenting. Naturally, I took pictures. I might have even snapped several photos of little zipping visitors, but you will have to wait until Wednesday to see those.

In the meantime, the view from my chair…

The predominate color is still green but we are soon approaching the time when my gardens are at their best—June and July—when yellow and red show their pretty faces.

Alas, the irises are on their way out, but here’s a final shot of couple of this year’s bloom.

Farewell, my lovelies.



72 thoughts on “From Books to Wine to the Patio”

  1. The title of this post already made me feel good: books, wine, friendship – what more could we want. Also,I love peeping into your garden!!!

  2. I am glad the heat and humidity are gone, and the gardens are coming into their own! Your life sounds peaceful and beautiful, filled with all good things.

    Our weather has been cool of late, with a little rain. Not enough, but every drop is precious. The deer I call “Buck Owens” has been hanging around with a couple of young does. I can tell him from the others because of his gimpy hind leg.

  3. So cool that you are out on the book circuit again. And that picture of the wine glasses is awesome! So good to be out doing normal things, again!
    Your garden looks so fresh and pretty! Can’t wait for Wednesday!

      1. You bet! On Saturday, for a Father’s Day treat, we’ll be going to an art museum at a local college and then out to eat at a Mexican Restaurant. Seems like luxury.

  4. You’ve been busy! I like your garden view, esp. that beautiful blue fountain, which I am sure sounds wonderfully soothing. I feel the same way about my iris and peonies coming to their end of bloom. It always goes too fast!

  5. I, too, really love the fountain, and part of it is that color. I hope you have many more book stalls and many sales this summer as well as many colorful flowers in the garden. I look forward to seeing those, too.

  6. I’m at Alicia’s right now, but look forward to seeing you once more in your garden or ours.

  7. You’re most welcome (from Canada)! Now if one of the warmer places would push some more sunshine our way (Vancouver Island), that would be awesome.
    Love how well your garden is growing!

  8. Wow your Iris looks stunning. Irises never last long, but are so beautiful. (and hardy for our climate… if they are kept in the shade.) Well, it is a shame you didn’t make any sales, but it seemed to be a relaxing weekend, and lovely to share some wine and best wishes with friends.

  9. Laurie, you sound positively upbeat. I’m so glad you are getting out and about, sharing time with friends and enjoying the summer weather, variable though it may be. I’m sorry the bookselling was slow. I hope that picks up for you.

      1. I’m sure. Writing is often more a calling then a profession for that reason. It’s hard to get published, and just as hard to be heard amid the noise. I used to read to my boys at Barnes and Noble after a children’s hour. All the Disney books were promoted front and center, and they were often poorly written and a bore to read. The woman who read to the children said that children’s books got about a week of shelf space. It was sink or swim. With so much great literature from the past (I loved reading all the Beverly Cleary books to my boys, favorites from my childhood), along with Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and so many others. I love your creative soul, Laurie.

  10. Spending time with friends and enjoying a garden on a warm day – perfect!

  11. I haven’t set up a table in SO long, Laurie. I miss chatting with readers. The weather sounds lovely in Maine and the sunny photos of your garden are beautiful. Here’s to more of those wonderful summer days.

      1. Yeah. Here too, and lugging tents, chairs, and books, etc is a chore. If you can do it with a few other writers, the work (and fees) aren’t too bad.

  12. What a luxurious life you live! What could be better than friends, a patio, and a small libation? Heaven knows you’ve waited long enough for these small luxuries — enjoy them often and fully!

  13. Sounds like an idyllic week, Laurie – it was good of the weather to cooperate so you could be comfortably outdoors, enjoying company.

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