Busy, Busy, Busy and Books, Books, Books

Spring is galloping toward summer, and I am scrabbling to keep up. I’m not behind, which is a win for me. But there is a lot of planting to do, and that will be my focus for the next couple of weeks. Onward, ho!

However, I did take the time to visit our local Barnes & Noble this weekend. Shane Malcolm Billings, who once worked at our town’s library, alerted me that a certain series was displayed not once but twice in the store—with local writers and in the YA fantasy section. (Shane now works at Barnes & Noble as well as at another library.)

First, with local writers. What a treat for this indie writer to see her books displayed all in a row—Maya and the Book of Everything, Library Lost, and Out of Time.

Then in the Young Adult fantasy section. There was even a blurb/recommendation written by none other than Shane. Many thanks, Shane, for your wonderful support!

When the staff became aware of who I was and why I was there—to photograph my books—they asked if I would sign all the copies.

This I did, and the books received an “autographed” sticker.

After which Clif and I went out to celebrate with ice cream.

And here this short post will end. Usually, I feature links to other blogs, but until the plants are planted and spring chores are finished, I must be brief.

When this crazy but wonderful season is over, I will be back to a more normal blogging schedule.

Until then…

60 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy and Books, Books, Books”

  1. I don’t know about Spring galloping into Summer – here it’s more like it’s swimming into Summer.β˜‚
    Wonderful for you to see your books all lined up there – very worthy of an ice cream celebration.

    1. Many thanks! In Maine, Spring always gallops, no matter the weather. It is astonishing how fast Spring zips by. I think it’s our northern climate. Spring knows there is no dilly-dallying.

  2. Oh, Laurie – what a wonderful friend Shane is to not only let you know, but to help in the promotion of your book. Those displays are wonderful! So exciting! And then to have them ask you to sign the books! No wonder you had to go celebrate! Congratulations!

    1. This is so great! Congratulations! What a dear friend Shane is. He’s got your back. I am so happy for you. Your books are truly delightful and very worthy of a proper display!

  3. Congratulations, Laurie! It must be such a thrill to see you books on display – I really hope they sell well and that you become the local celebrity. Well done – and it is good to know a celebratory ice-cream was the order of the day.

  4. What a treat to see your books displayed this way Laurie, that’s well worth celebrating and I love the special recommendation by Shane πŸ’›

  5. I love the display at Barnes and Noble …. your books look most inviting.. and I’m glad you could sign them too.
    It is all go for you at the moment, so back to your planting you go!

  6. How exciting to see all you books displayed so well and with a recommendation as well! Enjoy your planting and work in your garden πŸ™‚

  7. One of the roles of bookshops and libraries should be to recognise and promote local writers, and not just authors with a national / international profile and promotional budgets to match. Good to see your local B&N is doing its bit

  8. Congratulations Laurie! I am so pleased that your books are being promoted by others. I took my copies to my young friend Eva yesterday. She is the daughter of the couple who run the farm at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust which has featured in a number of my posts. By the time I left she and her Mum were squabbling about who would get to read them first!

    1. This sure made me smile! Hope Eva and her mom enjoy the series. Thanks so much for promoting my books. Lovely to think of them being read in Wales.

  9. How thrilling to see the books in such a wonderful display. Good luck with the planting – it is so cold, wet and windy over here that I have no enthusiasm for gardening at all.

  10. A very exciting visit. I suddenly thought of Louisa’s mother-in-law’s speech at Louisa’s wedding to her son Errol She said she had phoned my daughter and asked what she was doing. The reply was: “practicing my signature”.

  11. What a treat for you, Laurie! It’s every author’s dream to have somebody special in their corner, somebody who’ll help promote their work (when it’s so hard to toot your own horn!) Glad you have such a friend in Shane!

  12. What fun to see your books displayed!
    And the bookstore staff must have been thrilled to have you in-store and to sign all those copies – you are so sweet to do so!

  13. This is so great! Congratulations! What a dear friend Shane is. He’s got your back. I am so happy for you. Your books are truly delightful and very worthy of a proper display!

  14. Congratulations! How fun seeing your books the recomendation and getting invited to sign them. An extra treat for the purchaser. What a wonderful book store.

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