Plant-o-palooza & Episode 11 of the podcast

Is this a table at someone’s plant sale? No, it is not. This is my haul after going to a local plant nursery the other day. The abundance is courtesy of my generous daughters and son-in-law, who gave me gift certificates, allowing me to splurge.

I like most aspects of gardening. Even weeding doesn’t bother me. However, what I especially love is planting annuals in various pots and containers. Somehow I find the process soothing, and the promise of flowers and bounty never fails to lift my spirits.

From my back garden, a little something extra, a dose of perennial beauty. Love that mouth-watering purple. Irises are one of my favorite flowers, and lucky for me, they will grow in my shady yard on the edge of the forest.


Speaking of Iris…here is “Reckonings,” Episode 11 of “The Wings of Luck” from my podcast Tales from the Other Green Door. In “Reckonings,” after dealing with Iris, Jace and Thirret take Donod and the imps into the woods. Episode 11 is the penultimate episode of “The Wings of Luck,”and next week, Season 1 will come to an end. We have plans for Season 2 to air in 2022, after I’ve finished At Sea, Book Four in my Great Library Series.

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  1. Oh what a n exciting sight: all of those plants ready to become part of your garden! My yard has a similar display (my daughter gave me a gift certificate too! ) Isn’t spring (and children) the best?

      1. ❀ My youngest daughter is moving out this weekend. She graduated college last spring with her twin brother, and he moved out last summer. Here comes a whole new season of life for me. As Stevie Nicks asked long ago, "Can I handle the seasons of my life? I don't know."

  2. Plant-O-Palooza indeed! What an awesome day! Enjoy your haul and look forward to see where/how you will be planting and setting up these new purchases!

  3. Your fun is just starting, Laurie! These are going to be stunning — and I’m a bit green over your gorgeous Iris. My yard is far too sunny for them, I guess.

    1. Not until the beginning of June. Still worried about an errant frost. In the meantime, I haul them down cellar at night and out onto the table during the day.

  4. None of our native irises has that deep, resonant color of yours. It’s gorgeous. I know very little about garden plants, but I think I recognize some caladiums on that table. They’re beautiful, too, and made for shade, as I recall.

    1. To my way of thinking, all irises are beautiful, no matter the color. What you saw are coleuses. They really brighten up this shady yard on the edge of the forest.

    1. Yes, yes! Love planting. Will be heading outside today to plant some perennials. Don’t quite plant the annuals yet. Still worried about frost.

  5. What a treat, and such a thoughtful gift. I adore irises, and they actually grow here! When we move I’m going to split some out to take with me to the new house (along with some rosemary, basil, mint….). Enjoy your garden!

  6. I don’t know how you are going to fit gardening into your busy day…don’t forget to stop and have a cup of tea… 😁

  7. I love the purple of that Iris! Lucky you being able to splurge at the garden center. I have just been sent Β£50 of e-vouchers for taking part in a Covid survey for the Office for National Statistics (I would willingly have done it for free but they automatically send the vouchers) so when I visit my daughter in a couple of weeks I can treat us both to some goodies neither of us would buy otherwise. Enjoy your pots.

      1. She has already downloaded them onto her phone! It will be nice to treat her.

  8. I hope your lovely new plants fare better than ours. After Mr. Tialys raised them from seed in the greenhouse, he decided to put them out at the weekend. We then had a hailstorm which smashed a lot of them to pieces. Ever seen a grown man cry?

    1. Oh, no! I cringed when I read about the hail smashing the seedlings. I would have cried, too. And probably would have said more than a few ugly words.

  9. And a wonderful haul it looks, too. That rich purple iris is a beauty. I think of them as sunshine loving plants, but you’ve proved me wrong!

    1. P.S. I have been growing delphiniums from seed because I got a free packet and have a quandary. It’s too cold at night to put them out but they’re getting too big for them all to stay indoors, so I put the biggest two out and the wind and hail ripped off three out of five of one of them’s leaves. I am assuming it will either grow other better adapted leaves or it will not.

  10. The purple of the iris is so very pretty. I love iris and this a beauty. Have fun planting in your garden. I am looking forward to your summer flower photos!

  11. Laurie, what fun to have gift certificates for a garden center. You have a loving family. Enjoy your soothing planting sessions. Your purple iris is stunning.

  12. I love plant shopping too, Laurie, and don’t mind the work or the weeding. Anything to enjoy those beautiful blooms. Have fun planting. πŸ˜€

  13. Have fun with the planting! We have almost completed the planters, new and transplanted perennials and I always forget how exhausting it can be. But what a sense of achievement when it’s done! Love your purple iris – one of my favourite flowers too.

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