Friday Favorites: Moss Garden Progress, Peter the Potter, Lake Street Dive

The last day of April, and there is a steady rain, much needed as the month has been dry enough for there to be fire warnings. For us, the rain couldn’t have come at a better time. A day or two ago, Clif removed moss from the roof of our little shed and added it to our moss garden. I have read that moss needs to be watered regularly for it to take, and there is no watering like a steady rain.

Here is a picture of the moss garden to date. Regular readers will notice what we have added—a cement lantern, which we had put in aย  side garden. As a result, the lantern was mostly unseen. Clif and I thought it was time for the lantern to come out front and shine.


Readers who are fans of the wonderful The Great Pottery Throwdown will recognize the man in the picture below. His name is Peter White, and he was one of the potters in Season 4, which ended not long ago. For me, he stands out among the other potters—all who are excellent in their own way—because of his age and his willingness to learn new things. Peter turned 70 not long ago, and a clip on the Throwdown featured him expressing his desire to keep learning, no matter how old he is.

His attitude both inspires me and captures the way I feel about writing, which I have been doing for a long time. Nevertheless, even though I am not young, I always seek to be a better writer. Peter, who was not at the top of the pack at the beginning of Season 4, exemplified how being open and willing to learn can go a long way toward improvement.

And for those who have not seen Season 4, well, you will just have to watch for yourselves to see how far Peter rose.

PR picture from The Great Pottery Throwdown


As for music…hot off the Tiny Desk (Home) Concert press—Lake Street Dive!

Rachel Price, the lead vocalist, has such a wonderful voice that it gives me the shivers. Her voice is smooth without being cloying or overly sentimental. Wowsah, that woman can sing!


Favorites and Simple Pleasures from Blogging Friends:

For sheer lovleliness and wisdom, Xenia Tran’s Tranature is an oasis in a harsh, often chaotic world. One of her posts this week—Puente Poetry: Presence—captures the sadness and beauty of living.

Alys, from Gardening Nirvana, chronicles how her spider plants went from being indoor plants to thriving outside in her garden in sunny California. (New Englanders, do not try this at home.) She then goes on to compare the plants to bloggers. Alys concludes “You follow bloggers, they follow you, and before you know it, youโ€™ve found a community.” Absolutely, and how wonderful.

Amanda, from Something to Ponder About, writes in praise of solar energy. In Australia, where she lives, “1 in 5 houses now produces energy from solar systems.” And this includes her own house. Yay!

Among other delights, in This Week’s Small Pleasures, Thistles and Kiwis features tall evergreens against a bright blue sky. To this Mainer, there is no finer sight.

In Touring my Backyard, Ju-Lyn rejoices in sunshine after a rainy spell. And perhaps even more important, getting her first vaccine. Great news, Ju-Lyn!


65 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Moss Garden Progress, Peter the Potter, Lake Street Dive”

  1. It is good of you to end the working week on such a positive note, Laurie. Your post buoys my spirits – and I am pleased you are getting some rain ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your moss garden is shaping up nicely – a truly inspired driveway fix!
    We had 2.5″ yesterday, so I expect everything will be growing madly now. The lawn will need mowing soon!

      1. It is helpful to know how much rain we’ve received in order to determine if we need to supplement water. We love seeing how much rain we’ve had after a storm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love, love love Lake Street Dive! (Not just because I used to live near Lake Street in Minneapolis, which the band took the name from although they met in Boston.)

  4. Thanks for the mention and links to some other interesting blogs. It really is a nice little community. I also think it is important to keep on learning – you are never too old!

  5. A wonderful post Laurie and your moss garden looks lovely with the lantern ๐Ÿ’š Thank you so much for the mention and we wish you and Clif a blessed weekend! ๐Ÿ’œ

  6. I’ve not heard of Lake Street Dive, but I like the sound. For some reason, they remind me of Pink Martini, whose music I adore. Do you know them? Here’s an example.

    Your moss garden is looking good. I’m glad you’re getting some rain. No matter how we water, there’s something special about rainwater. I like the lantern, too. At first I was in the ‘just moss’ camp, but I think that fits perfectly.

  7. Laurie, your moss garden is coming together nicely. I hope you get that rain. It seems many of us are missing that wet stuff that falls from the sky. I’ve heard tell. When I look at your moss garden, I feel like I’m looking down on the tops of trees with a large structure in the center. Do you see that, too? It reminds me of the canopy of trees from an aerial view before the camera swoops down and we find a family of mice living in a tree cavity. I’m still 9 at heart. ๐Ÿ’–

    1. I did not see that image when I looked at the moss. Thanks for sharing! Love that perspective. I think we should all cherish our inner nine-year-old selves.

  8. I loved Peter on the Throwdown and was delighted he did so well.
    Your little cement lantern is just the sort of thing we’re after for a little section of the garden we’re going to make into a sort of Japanese garden.

  9. I didn’t realise moss could be transplanted! That garden is certainly growing well … love the addition of the lantern!

  10. I am really enjoying seeing your moss garden develop! Can you send some rain over here please? My garden is very dry, my water butts low and the weather is teasing me with very short showers when I want proper rain. I love the idea of going on learning. I may be 70 but there is so much I still want to do and explore and find out about!

  11. Love the band. The singer reminds me a lot of Vonda Shepherd (that used to sing the soundtrack songs for Ally McBeal).

  12. Theoretically, if you paint your stone lantern with yogurt (diluted? I donโ€™t remember but Google will tell you) it will grow moss of its own.

  13. I love Lake Street Dive, Laurie. They are such accomplished and assured musicians, making it all look so easy! The lead singer does have a glorious voice and her looks!…she wouldn’t look out of place in a 1940’s film perhaps singing with Fred Astaire.
    Your moss garden is coming on a treat and the lantern just adds a special something to the project. I am sure it will look quite magical when you have finished.

    1. So true about Lake Street Dive. What a voice and what a presence. Listening to them right now. And thanks for the kind words about my moss garden. I do believe it’s going to take. I’ve been watering faithfully every day, and that seems to do the trick.

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