Denizens of the Leafy Floor & Episode 8 of Tales from the Other Green Door

Because we live in the woods, we are surrounded by ferns, and I love seeing them come up in the spring. Like most young things, they are tender and fresh with a soft color that comes only with being new.

Here are pictures of ferns that are growing beside our driveway. I am pretty sure they are cinnamon ferns, but blogging friends, if you know otherwise, please correct me.

Let’s take a closer look.

I am fascinated by the fuzzy white overcoat that will go away as the fern matures and the coiled outline of the leaves tucked underneath.

So tiny and sweet.

In spring, I am always reminded of Wordsworth’s “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”


I’m coming down the homestretch with “The Wings of Luck,” Season 1 of my podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door. This week is Episode 8: “What Iris Knew,” in which Iris takes matters into her own hands. Four more episodes to go!

52 thoughts on “Denizens of the Leafy Floor & Episode 8 of Tales from the Other Green Door”

  1. Ferns always intrigue ne. We have loads here, including those giant ones whose branches fall off and block our steps 🙂

  2. I love watching ferns uncurl! Here we are surrounded by hills of bracken and I love this time of year for spotting the fist shoots. Beautiful photography Laurie x

    1. I feel like I can’t hold a candle to all your gardening and quilting projects. And if you could see the state of my house, you would understand where I find the time for my projects. 😉

  3. I love ferns too. We have a cinnimon fern, nothing coming up yet as of yesterday, last time I looked, but we should have little green nubs unfurling soon too. May is my favorite month every year. There’s just so much hope in it, and it’s not too hot, and the bugs aren’t too bad yet.

  4. The ostrich ferns that grow along the river banks in New Brunswick are picked for eating at the end of flood season, when they’re just a bit taller than yours but before they unfurl. They’re called fiddleheads, a spring delicacy here. They’ve been harvested by the First Nations peoples since long before the Europeans arrived. En français ce sont les têtes de violon!

  5. We had ferns around the front of my childhood home, combined with lily of the valley and violets. Like you, I loved watching them uncurl; now, I’ve discovered them in east Texas, and hope to catch some early ones before full summer comes. (I may be late already!)

  6. Beautiful images Laurie, I love seeing the ferns unfurl and we’re looking forward to welcoming the first ones soon 💚

    1. Looked at a picture of interrupted ferns, which the ones in my photo just might be. I will keep an eye on those ferns to see how they develop. Thanks for calling this to my attention.

  7. I’ve always loved ferns, especially that first unfurling. You are lucky to have them growing wild on the edge of your forest. I’m going to listen to one of your podcasts.

  8. Ok, I’m back. I stopped listening, signed up for Spotify (I’m a luddite you know) and will go back to episode 1. I’ve created playlist, but I can only find episodes 1,4,5,6, and 8 (no 2, 3, or 7). Thoughts?

    1. More about this from Clif, Clif the computer guy. Here is his take: Spotify’s playlist was designed for music playlists, not podcasts. As a result, the playlist will give several suggestions and doesn’t pay attention to order. Think of the way album songs are used on a playlist. To get around this, you can search for the episodes you want, and they will come up. After which, you can put them in order on your playlist. Or, you can go to our website, and you can click through the episodes when time allows. Thanks so much for your interest.

      1. Ah-ha! Thanks for taking the time to explain all of this to me. Thanks, Clif! I’m going to see if I can figure out how to listen to this in the car. Both my husband and son work full time from home, so it can be challenging to listen to podcasts. Thank you.

      2. I often use headphones to listen to podcasts. I also listen to them on my phone, outside when I garden. On my exercise bike. Even when I vacuum. I’m a fool for podcasts. 😉

  9. Thanks for letting us know. Clif is fiddling with it on Spotify and is having problems, too. Very weird. Definitely a problem. Clif will getting in touch with Spotify as the problem is on their end. To get around this, go to “Let’s find something for your playlist.” Type in “The Wings of Luck:” and then add “Episode” and the number you are looking for. For example: “The Wings of Luck: Episode 7”

  10. I just love the name fiddleheads and now all unfolding ferns I see will be called fiddleheads! Good luck with your podcast…you are very busy!

  11. Lovely little ferns! Now that you’re in the homestretch, I was wondering how different and enjoyable the experience has been writing and delivering your stories through a Podcast and I’m happy to see we can expect another season.

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