New Blue Chairs

On Saturday, there was great excitement at our home in the woods. Six new chairs were delivered for our patio—our living room as soon as the weather is good.

Because we are Mainers, Clif and I are not ones to get rid of things willy-nilly. Mindful of both the drain on our budget and the drain on the environment, we like to keep things as long as possible.

And so it was with our previous chairs, which we had had for twenty years. The seats were, ahem, tired. Very tired. (One had even ripped.) Twice we had scraped and repainted the arms and legs, but the rust was making such inroads that a third time seemed like a fool’s errand.  In short, it was time for new chairs.

And here they are!

Naturally, we needed to have drinks to celebrate the arrival of chairs that not only look good but are also comfortable.

May the new chairs last as long as their predecessors did!

As for the old chairs…Did we toss them out? We did not. Instead, we tucked them down cellar to be used—primarily by Clif and me— when we need more than six chairs.

After all, we don’t want to get too drastic about throwing things out.







54 thoughts on “New Blue Chairs”

  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate the start of the season for sitting outdoors! We tend not to throw things away either: some things are repurposed or given away, while others … take up space 🙂

  2. Those are good looking chairs, Laurie! I think too many people are too quick to toss out perfectly usable things, so I approve of your Maine thriftiness. And who knows? You very well might need those refurbished chairs when this Pandemic is all over!

  3. Well…I just popped up to look out the window, and would you believe I have two chairs outside that are exactly like that, but they’re tan. They even have that little bar across the top back. I think you’ll find they clean easily with a hose and dry quickly when it rains. And they’re comfortable.

  4. They look nice comfy chairs. We are also hoarders and our garage is filled with various items that are beyond repair but we keep just in case a part maybe upcycled into something else. The garage is no longer used to house the car but is used as a ‘Just in Case’ storage area.

    1. They are very comfy and will shed the water when it rains. Essential for our rainy region. The minute we get rid of something, we invariably want it. 😉

      1. We don’t get so much rain in the summer… but we do suffer with high humidity so metal quickly turns rusty.

        It is a wrench discarding anything, and as you say the moment you do, we find a use for it.

  5. I hate to get rid of anything myself, but I think I’m creating a lot of work for my kids someday. I went through a period of “de-accessioning” an object a day and passing it to the Goodwill. For some reason, I forgot all about it when I started blogging.

  6. They’re very attractive, and I suspect they’ll serve you well for at least those twenty years. If they’re comfortable as well as attractive, I’d say you’ve done very well!

  7. Lovely to have new chairs, we have those, and now need a small outside table. You are very wise to keep the old ones, if things start to go back to normal, you may have a party!

  8. Those look very smart and comfy. However thrifty we are there comes a time when things are beyond repair and the sensible solution is to replace them – but carefully , with something that will last and give good service. I am raising my cup of tea – too early for booze! – to many years of enjoyable sitting outside enjoying your garden.

  9. Enjoy!

    Last summer we ordered some garden furniture at a shop in our vicinity. Sadly they denied home delivery and we weren’t in position to pick all on our own.

    1. Very comfortable! But now our umbrella looks shabby—over twenty years old—so we need a new one. This is where improvement leads…replace one thing and more will follow. 😉

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