Problem Solved: I’m Now Getting Email Updates from Blogs I Follow

Today’s Friday Favorites has been preempted by a Friday unfavorite——and a solution to a problem they created that is even worse than Block Editor.

As some of you might know, for the past few days I have not been receiving email updates from WordPress blogs I follow. This has  been a very bad thing for me as I follow a lot of blogs, and email updates are a huge help. For the past two days, I have been blundering around in an attempt to keep up.

Readers, this was not a happy time.

Clif, who is my site’s chief administrator and all around computer guy, checked the settings on his WordPress profile. A day ago, he found that unbeknownst to us, a box had been ticked in a section called “Block Emails.”  (Thank you, WordPress poltergeist.) He promptly unchecked it.

Problem solved? Not quite.

I, too, am an administrator, and that dastardly “Block Emails” box was also ticked on my WordPress profile. The box was duly unticked. (On the other hand, I am still ticked off that WordPress would torment me this way.)  But hallelujah and glory be, I am now getting blog post notices in my email.

I mention all this because a blogging friend noted that she hadn’t been receiving many email updates, either.

So I figured—yes, friend, this can happen to you.

Should this indeed happen, here is a screen grab that Clif put together to help you escape from the WordPress poltergeist that wants to block bloggers from receiving email updates.

Here are Clif’s instructions:

“Go to the upper right corner of WordPress and click on your profile picture. This will take you to a page called “My Profile.”  On the left side, choose Notification settings. Then go to the Reader Subscriptions tab at the top. Click on this. At the bottom, you will find a section Block emails.

Uncheck this puppy if you want to receive email updates from blogs you follow on

Good luck. I hope you never have to use these instructions.

Here is my conclusion: WordPress is a giddy thing. Fortunately for them, the WordPress community is so wonderful—supportive, entertaining, illuminating. Otherwise, we’d never put up with their shenanigans.


64 thoughts on “Problem Solved: I’m Now Getting Email Updates from Blogs I Follow”

  1. Well shared. It is thanks to one of your followers that I am happily coasting along with the Classic Editor again – it has brought the pleasure back into blogging 🙂

  2. Thanks Laurie, my emails seem to be coming in from fellow bloggers, but it is good to have that information if needed!

  3. Excellent guidance. Although I don’t have this particular problem, it seems like every time WP “improves” (for whom?) the editor, something goes wrong. I will keep track of this tip.

  4. Sigh. I am glad you finally sorted out the issue, but all these changes really befuddle me …. and I’m always poking around in the wrong places. Loving Husband has to sort me out.

  5. My son is a geek and rants and raves about sites that have these gremlins in them – I won’t repeat his exact words! Well done for outwitting them. I presume chaos is in charge at WP?!

  6. Yes, WP has many fine features, keeps us all together as a community, and provides a free platform. Along with the good comes some bad, though. YT does some similar things which I have had to work around.

  7. I spent a couple of weeks battling with WordPress recently because they had removed the table of statistics that I like to use, showing (amongst other things) weekly figures and % change week-on-week. It took me days to even get them to admit that they had removed it and I never got an explanation as to why (apart from telling me it was part of their “improvements”). I complained bitterly to them and then suddenly, a couple of days ago, it reappeared… no explanation, just there again. Ho hum. Oh and I pay for my blog, so it’s not as if I don’t have a right to expect a certain level of service!
    I don’t rely on email alerts, fortunately, but it’s worth knowing to watch out for even more unexpected “improvements”.

    1. Ah, I wondered where that had gone. I started with WP in May 2010 and I’ve lost the first two years stats. We used to have far more comprehensive stats than we do now … but have you noticed: Upgrade your plan for even more stats

  8. I have not experienced this problem but I do have problems trying to upload the ‘featured image’. And why do they insist they want the images SO big. The recommended size is huge. My only thought is that you use up your storage capacity quickly and have to upgrade

  9. I’m sorry to hear about so many people having WP problems – after the problems I had i know how frustrating and depressing thi can be. However, a tiny bit of me is relieved that it isn’t just me that seems to suffer from this constant tinkering.

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