Friday Favorites: A Spring Walk and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

In Maine in March, Spring is a fitful affair that comes and goes. Sometimes it seems like winter; other times, there is a hint of something soft and warm in the air.

Yesterday definitely felt like spring. The temperature reached the mid-50s, a heatwave as far as Clif and I are concerned, and in the afternoon, after our work for the day was finished, out we went for a walk.

I know from reading other blogs that some people get snowdrops and daffodils this time of year.

In Maine we get footprints in the mud,

water rushing down the side of the road,

and a bucket to collect sap for making maple syrup.

But because Clif and I are Mainers, this is what we are used to, and all these modest signs of Spring are thrilling to us. There might be more cold weather, there might even be snow, but Winter is relaxing his icy grip.

Also on yesterday’s walk, we thrilled to the sight of the snowbanks pulling away from the side of the road.

We stopped to chat with our friends Cheryl and Deny, who were out in their fenced-in backyard with their dogs. Our friend Judy, with her own dog, was visiting. How good it was to see them all, lovely dogs included.

We waved to other neighbors who were sitting on their front porch.

“Heatwave” I called.

“Yes, yes,” they called back.

And to follow a tradition that I’ve begun this year, here are Clif and I waving to you.

It might look as though I have some kind of third appendage hanging from me on the far left. Instead, it is the sleeve of my jacket. I grew so warm that I had to take off my jacket and tie it around my waist.

What can I say? I’m a “Mainah,” and after the cold of winter, 55°F with no wind feels pretty darned warm.


This week for music, I’m going to branch out from my beloved Tiny Desk Concerts to feature a YouTube video of “The Impression that I Get” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It seems to me that during this difficult year, most of us have been knocking on wood, and I bet these musicians are, too.


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59 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: A Spring Walk and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones”

  1. We get mud and rivers down the side of the road too! I am so glad you had a warm day, got out for a walk and saw friends and dogs in their yards. I’m waving back to you from here!

  2. Lovely to see how far the snow has retreated Laurie and what a beautiful day for a walkabout!🌞 Thank you for sharing the Mighty Mighty Bosstones video too 🎶

  3. Definitely been enjoying our ‘heat wave’. 🙂 I’ve been using the laundry line again this week – how I love freshly-scented laundry! 🙂

  4. As much as I enjoy remembering the beauty of blizzards and snowdrifts, the memories of the spring thaw are just as nice. I still can hear the drip of icicles, and smell that mud. I always felt sorry for the dirty snow. I had a feeling it wanted to depart as much as we wanted it gone!

  5. It’s always good to see how hardy Mainers like yourselves are coping and taking the month of March in your stride. Spring will be beautiful.

  6. Waving right back at you! Thanks for taking us on your walk with you … lots of doggy therapy right there!

    Fabulous song – they are new to me …. love their name!

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this – you have a lovely sense of humour and opened a completely different world to me. It has been a good outing – especially as we are expecting the temperature to rise to 43 degrees Centigrade today. We couldn’t be more different 🙂

  8. Spring is spring whatever it brings and if mud and 55°F is what it means to you well all’s right with your world. x

  9. p.s. Love the music video. They remind me of ‘Madness’ back in the day. – which makes sense now I’ve Googled them and see one of their influences was British 2-tone ska back in the late seventies.

    1. Yes, it is. But Maine, I think, is the northern most state in the lower 48. If you look at it on a map, you will see that it is tucked snuggly into Canada. No, I have never visited the Upper Peninsula if Michigan, but I have read that the weather is similar to Maine’s.

  10. Still making footprints in the mud here, too. But I’d like to give up on boots and go back to shoes that give more support. Wearing boots has made it even more imperative to make my first post-vaccine appointment a visit to the podiatrist.

  11. I know “heath or warm weather” is different for everyone. For us 20C is warm, for someone who is used to the tropics it is freezing 😀

  12. The weather is all relative, isn’t it. I remember one winter in northern VT where 32 degrees felt like spring! Lol. What a feeling when spring makes it’s first appearance! Enjoy!

  13. Wow! enjoy spring. Do you make maple syrup?

    We too are enjoying spring. The roads are cleaned, wahsed and the sand is all gone.

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