Announcing Episode 1 of Our Podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door

Today, on this warm, sunny Wednesday in March, we are releasing Episode 1 of our new podcast, Tales from The Other Green Door. The podcast is an offshoot of my novel Out of Time, and it involves two elves—Jace Willowdale and her cousin Thirret Greenwood—and their adventures in Portland, Maine. They run a café called—ta-da!—The Other Green Door, where they not only bake tasty treats but also collect magical relics.

Each Wednesday, for the next eleven weeks, we will be dropping a new episode of “The Wings of Luck,” the first tale from The Other Green Door podcast.

In episode 1, “A Grenog Comes to the Café,” an unexpected visitor turns up at The Other Green Door, setting in motion a dangerous chain of events.

Hope to see you at The Other Green Door, which has the best croissants and magical relics in town.

55 thoughts on “Announcing Episode 1 of Our Podcast, Tales from the Other Green Door”

  1. What fun! I know you’ll enjoy it. I’m sure there was a bit of a learning curve — at least, there would have been for me — but I suspect it’s going to be a good experience. It’s amazing what can be done these days. As much as we gripe about technology, it allows its own bit of magic!

    1. It was quite a learning curve. Had to scrap the first recording of Episode 1 because I sounded too flat. But I’m learning! As for technology…I am hoping that when this pandemic is over, people will truly appreciate how technology kept people sane and kept things running.

      1. I am just finishing ‘Library Lost’ which I am really enjoying and then will have to re-read number 3 to get the whole story!

      2. Quickly please – I want to know how you resolve it all! But I know I have to be patient.

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