Friday Favorites: Fudge, A Tiny Desk Mug, and the Luminous Alicia Keys

An unexpected gift came in the mail yesterday—a box of fudge from Sweet Tooth Fudge. I have long been a fudge enthusiast, and Sweet Tooth Fudge, right here in Winthrop, makes some of the best. Ever. This treat was sent by Shane Malcolm Billings, the much beloved former Adult Services Librarian of our town’s library. On the enclosed card, Shane wrote that he was sorry to learn of Sherlock’s passing and hoped the treat would provide some comfort during a sad time.

How very thoughtful! I really miss our punk of a cat and was moved by Shane’s lovely gesture. Many, many thanks, Shane. And the fudge is utterly delicious.

As for music…I have another Tiny Desk Concert to share. Are you surprised? I am so keen about Tiny Desk Concerts that for Christmas Mike and Shannon got me my very own Tiny Desk Mug, which I regularly use for the many cups of tea I drink during the day.Β  This mug, sturdy and large, is now one of my favorites, and I use it all the time.

Anyway, this week’s Tiny Desk Concert features the luminous Alicia Keys, who combines an astonishing musicality with warmth and mindfulness. What a musician!


Here are some favorites from other bloggingΒ  friends:

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Ju-Lyn at All Things Bright and Beautiful celebrates Chinese New Year during this time of the pandemic: “In the spirit of togetherness, we will usher in the Lunar New Year in the best way we can.” Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours, Ju-Lyn!

59 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Fudge, A Tiny Desk Mug, and the Luminous Alicia Keys”

  1. Fudge! The very mention of it makes my mouth water: I haven’t made fudge in years, so perhaps I should make a batch soon πŸ™‚

  2. Fudge is so tempting. I shall look for a recipe.

    Just now I have taken out banana and nuts bread from the oven.

    Sorry to hear about your cat.

  3. How thoughtful of Shane! It’s selfless gestures like this that will help us all get through whatever lies ahead. Thank you for sharing this. (I wish that you could reach through your computer screen and also share that fudge). πŸ˜€

  4. Alicia Keys is wonderful. Doesn’t that video just make you love her?
    Thank you for sharing it.

    So great to have friends and neighbors who look out for you – with fudge.

    1. Love that mug! Alicia Keys is fabulous. If you get Netflix, there’s a show called Song Exploded, where songs and musicians are featured. Alicia Keys is one of those musicians. Well worth watching if you enjoy learning about the creative process of others.

      1. Thanks. I don’t get Netflix, but maybe I can scout around and find it. I often watch interviews with songwriters. It’s fascinating and inspiring to hear how such talented people approach their craft and how they feel about their work. Thanks!

  5. I’ve not been particularly familiar with Keys, and I enjoyed the music. I’d enjoy that fudge, too — it’s one of my favorite candies, and I love making it! Maybe while I’m stuck at home during this stretch of ghastly weather I’ll give it a go!

  6. I wish you hadn’t mentioned fudge! I am sitting here watching the snow fall so no going out today and now I want some FUDGE! The gift to you was a lovely thoughtful gesture – Shane must be a a true friend!

  7. What a sweet thought from Shane Laurie and the fudge looks very yummy. So good you have a Tiny Desk mug and thank you for sharing the lovely Alicia Keys concert! 🧑

  8. Another cat quotation that I have found comforting. They are such characters and much missed.

    β€œHe lives in the half lights, in secret places, free and alone – this little-great being whom his mistress calls ‘My cat’.” Margaret Benson

  9. I really enjoy Alicia Keys’ music. She has a beautiful voice. An what better to listen to while enjoying a big cup of tea and brick of fudge! Thanks for the smile, Laurie. πŸ˜€

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