51 thoughts on “Way Back Wednesday: Liam on Snowy Upper Narrows”

  1. What a gorgeous dog! I’m assuming he’s at the Bridge now? If so, I’ll bet he and my Dallas are romping and zooming with abandon, their long furs flowing behind them!!

      1. So sorry to make you weepy, Laurie. It’s just that I have to hang onto a mental picture of how happy my Dallas is so I don’t fall apart every time I think about him (and how much I miss him).

  2. Such pictures are filled with poignancy and meaning … how precious to have such a wonderful memory stored up to look at after the time. We never forget.

  3. I know I’m not the most sensitive of people, and it is a great shot, but I’m in awe of the fact that his feet can stand the cold. Mine can’t, even when they are in shoes and socks. Dogs are mysterious creatures. Cats, I can understand – sitting by the fire and moving only to eat…

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