Friday Favorite: Little Miss

As many of you know, on Tuesday we had to have Sherlock, one of our cats, put down. Despite Sherlock’s, ahem, challenging ways, we loved him very much. I miss him terribly, and I get a lump in my throat whenever I think about him.

Fortunately, we still have a cat in our household, and this week’s Friday Favorites is dedicated to Sherlock’s litter mate, Ms. Watson, whom we call “Little Miss” because of her gentle nature. (The picture below was taken a couple of summers ago.)

To say that Little Miss’s personality is the polar opposite of Sherlock’s could not be more of an understatement. Gentle, shy, skittish, Little Miss usually runs and hides when friends come to visit. She is affectionate with us, but for over twelve years she was completely overshadowed by her domineering brother. Yet, we love her as dearly as we loved Sherlock, and Little Miss is a great comfort now that he is gone.

“Stay healthy!” I tell her. “Live for many more years.”

Little Miss makes no reply except to blink at me.

Before we took Sherlock to the vets to have him put down, I set him down on the kitchen floor, where he clearly wanted to be, in the middle of things, as always. Little Miss looked at Sherlock, went over to him, and gave him two gentle licks on top of his head. Then she moved away.

A farewell? An acknowledgement of the greatly diminished state Sherlock was in? Yes, I certainly think it was the latter and perhaps the former, too.

For the past few days, Little Miss has definitely been at loose ends, frequently coming into my office to see me, and meowing so that I will pat her, which I gladly do.

A blogging friend asked if we planned to get another cat to keep Little Miss company. I don’t think we will. In fact, I’m not sure if I want another cat when Little Miss goes. It seems that the older I grow, the softer I become, and it breaks my heart to have them put down. In our household, animals seldom, if ever, go in their sleep.

But we shall see. Because we feed the birds, our house is a mouse magnet, and having a cat definitely keeps their numbers down. Plus, a house feels more like a home with a cat or a dog around.

In the meantime, Little Miss brightens our day and makes us smile, reminding us how our fur buddies help to open our hearts and consider creatures other than ourselves.

And, as I noted in my previous post, that is a lesson beyond compare.


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  1. It’s hard for me to see that Little Miss and Sherlock were litter mates, Laurie — mercy, they look so different! Is that a cat-thing? I’ve only had dogs, and with purebred ones at least, all members of one litter look alike. Love how you described her farewell to her brother — animals really do understand things we humans don’t. And you’re spot on about how pets open our hearts and make a house a home!!

    1. It is possible they had different fathers. A female cat will often mate with different males. It is also possible that Ms. Watson and Sherlock look different because of genetic variation. But litter mates they were.

  2. I’m not a cat person, but I develop deep connections to every dog I have. When Junior, who is about at midlife, crosses the Rainbow Bridge (many years into the future, I hope) I won’t get another pet, for several reasons, heartbreak being one of them. Our furry buddies do make a home “homier,” for sure.

  3. Little Miss is a pretty girl. I’m glad she is there to offer you comfort with her kitty-blink-kisses. I, too, wonder if we’ll get another pet once these current two cross over. Animals really do make a house a home, plus their antics make us smile every day. Hard to live without that. ❤

  4. Oh Laurie I am so sorry for your loss ! I know what it’s like when an animal dies, especially when it is done by the vet. I don’t have cats but I always had dogs So I know what it feels like.

  5. It is a huge adjustment to live in a home without a pet. We have always had a dog and a cat, but sadly made the decision after the last of our pets crossed the Rainbow Bridge (thank you wigginswordsandimages) not to replace them. Two years have passed and the ache is still there – only tonight I saw a pair of socks lying on the floor and for a moment thought it was our cat (which looked remarkably like your Ms Watson). Love and cherish her – I know you will.

    1. We surely will. Yes, I can imagine how hard it is to live in a home without a pet. We have gone from three to one. The ache of missing pets who have passed is still there.

  6. She’s a very striking little girl. I hope she grows to enjoy her role of queen of the household now that she has ascended into power following Sherlock’s sad trip to the bridge.

    1. Thanks, Dawn! She certainly has her pick of choice spots now. After 12 years of being the “undercat,” I hope she comes to enjoy her role, too. We shall see.

  7. Another of my readers just lost a cat, and he said the one that remains is obviously missing her friend. I suspect Little Miss will take some time to adjust to being without her companion, too. I’m glad she has you and Clif to be there for her, and offer a little extra TLC when she needs it.

  8. I have no doubt that Little Miss and Sherlock had a meaningful moment together. When our Tiny (cat) was (obviously, in retrospect) feeling poorly and curled up on clothes on my dresser and had stayed there just long enough to start giving us concern, I saw our big dog Riley put her paws on the furniture and hoist herself up to nuzzle Tiny. (Note – Riley has NEVER put her paws on any counter – even if there was meat clearly within her sight and grasp and no one was in the house.) Anyway, we called the vet after that and they said to bring her in and Tiny was so sick we had to say goodbye. Riley was the first to know it – I fully believe.

    Hugs to you in your pain. Enjoy your sweet, kind kitten who misses her brother.

  9. Little Miss looks very sweet, and what a comfort it must be to have her. Pets give such unconditional love, and teach us how to be patient and caring in return. We were heart-broken when our last dog died, and we knew we would not have the heart to get another one. Now we have visits from our adult daughter’s dog, which is lovely, and a good compromise…we do miss him when he goes home!
    Best wishes to you while you get used to be a one cat family.

    1. Yes, there comes a point when you just lose heart, when you just can’t stand the thought of having another pet put down, no matter how necessary it is. Wonderful to have your daughter’s dog to cheer you up.

  10. I’m so sorry, Laurie, about Sherlock. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved furry member of the family. Little Miss is a beautiful kitty and I hope she stays with you for a long, long time.

  11. I don’t think I could live without a furry buddy of some kind so even if I get too decrepit to have a dog I will probably always have a cat. Little Miss looks gorgeous and I am sure she knew Sherlock was dying and now misses him. Maybe for now she will be happy to have your undivided attention and no bullying from her brother!

  12. You brought tears to my eyes this morning. Putting pets down is so hard. Some of the scenes you described also brought back memories. Cheers to the joy Little Miss still brings … and for the reminders she carries of Sherlock.

  13. I’m not sure our remaining four cats miss Henry who we had to have put to sleep at the end of November but they certainly knew something was amiss with him towards the end.
    I can’t imagine life without a pet but imagine at least some of the four cats we have might outlive me. As for dogs, we’re getting more sensible. We did have four – all big ones – at one point and now we’re down to two. I have started to think that, eventually, I’d like a smaller sized one who is calm – instead of bigger ones who are full of energy and mischief.
    I’m glad you still have Little Miss to share your lives – she sounds like wonderful company.

  14. I am glad you have Little Miss and I hope she will be with you for many years to come. she is beautiful. She is helping you through the grief and you are helping her. Some people don’t believe animals grieve, but I do and I have seen many grieve.

  15. It sounds as if at some level Little Miss knew and wished Sherlock well on his next journey. She’s a true sweetie and we wish her many more healthy and happy years to come xxx

  16. Aww, Little Miss looks so much like our Samantha, who we lost several years ago, the last in a line of well-lived cats. We still miss her. We thought about replacing her many times, but we decided she was simply irreplaceable. ❤️

  17. I’m so glad you have beautiful Ms. Watson seeking extra comfort and attention as everyone needs extra hugs right now. I’ve often been amazed at how much our beloved little pets have such big personalities in our homes and such a special place in our hearts. Take care!

  18. Little Miss is just precious. I have had sibling cats with very different personalities. I was going to not have more cats after the year when we lost three to age related illnesses. Was just going to have the remaining one, then we got given another, then she disappeared, then somehow we ended up with three more when we meant to only get two kittens. If they live to fifteen, and I live fifteen more years, I’ll be 80 when they are gone, and then I will probably not get more cats. Or maybe just foster older ones.

  19. I’m so sorry for the loss of your challenging and beloved kitty, Sherlock. Sometimes the most difficult ones end up doubling our grief when they go. I’m so glad you have Little Miss to warm your hearts and your home. Sending a warm hug across the miles. xo

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