44 thoughts on “View through the Storm Fence”

  1. Our snow fences in 1950s and 1960s Iowa were rolls of wooden pickets: unrolled for winter, then rolled up and stored when the season was over. I’d forgotten them. Will drifts build up against this like they did against the wooden fences? They were meant to keep highways clear, and they really worked!

    1. We have that kind of wooden picket storm fence in our backyard. We used to keep our dear dog Liam safe. A wonderful dog, but not the most obedient, and he had an obsession for chasing anything with wheels. If we had enough snow, it would drift up against the orange fence.

  2. Is this one of those things they put up to block the snow? That’s what we use them for here, anyway, though part of me wonders how — with all those little rectangular openings — it does much good! At least you had a pretty day to get out and be artistic, Laurie!!

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