Onward, Ho, to 2021!

Phew, what a year it has been! I remember thinking last January 1 that 2020 might be a year for clarity. It certainly was but not in a way that I expected. Not in a way that any of us expected, I think.

Yesterday, on the last day of 2020, Clif and I took a walk to the Narrows. The day was gray, but the Narrows were soothing and peaceful in the way that inland water usually is. It does my spirit good to look upon water, and one of my 2021 goals is to walk regularly to the Narrows, only about a quarter of a mile away from our home.

I am feeling refreshed from my break, and on Monday I will be back to to my regular blogging schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also will be back to reading all the wonderful posts from my blogging friends from around the world. Finally, I’ll begin working on Book Four of the Great Library series as well as a podcast that features a spin-off story.

Busy times ahead, but it feels good to be back in the saddle again, so to speak. I am someone who needs creative projects to work on, and without them my life just doesn’t have any fizz.

A very happy New Year to you all! Onward, ho, to 2021. Let us hope that it is a better year than 2020.

74 thoughts on “Onward, Ho, to 2021!”

  1. Walking is so good for us – I do not do it often enough and thoroughly enjoy being outdoors when I do. You have the right approach: keeping busy is the best way to get ahead in a satisfactory fashion.

  2. You made me remember that when we started last year, I thought the idea of 2020 was pretty darn cool. Little did I know. 🙂 Glad to have you back on board and best wishes from you from a NH friend for a very good 2021.

  3. That is a beautiful photo of the Narrows, Laurie. I am hoping this new year is a peaceful and productive one for you and Clif. stay well! Give our best to Miss Watson, too.
    🙂🙂 🐱🐱 🐱🐱 🐱🐱 🐱

  4. What a beautiful place to visit. I can see how that would be great for the spirit. I hope you have success and satisfaction with all your projects for the new year.

  5. I do hope the new year meets all your expectations — and that all of the surprises it brings are happy ones. Heaven knows we could use a few good surprises — even if they’re mixed a bit with other sorts!

  6. Happy New Year Laurie! I enjoy reading your posts, they are always thought provoking, and Paul and I enjoy your links to your favourite music too. Best wishes for a happy and productive year for you and Clif and your family.

  7. Your pictures of the Narrows always remind me how much I miss having an expanse of water within easy reach. My stream is delightful but the apparent stillness of an estuary or lake is something else. Even so my daily walks feel vital to my well-being – both physical and mental.

    I will start back to my usual routine on Monday, hopefully reinvigorated. Routine and a creative project also seem important to coping with the restrictions on our lives.

    All the best for the coming year to you and Cliff.

    1. I feel very lucky to live in a place that has so much water—lakes and ponds. I love streams, too, especially the rushing sound they make. Yes, routine and creative projects are very important for coping with the pandemic restrictions. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. You’re so right about “what a year” and walks by the water were a great source of peace. While books, music and movies have always been a part of my daily life, this was the first year that I spent more time enjoying podcasts and I’m looking forward to your new podcast. Wonderful to hear your rest has you ready for all your creative projects and while I will be ready for your next book during the early writing days of Book Four, it gives me something to look forward to all year. Happy New Year!!

  9. Happy New Year, my friend! I hope this year brings you lots of good things and very few bad things. (After 2020, I have learned to modify my expectations.) xoxo, jodie

  10. I wish I could be more disciplined with my blogging, Laurie. I am either always on WordPress, or trying to tear myself away from the keyboard if I open up the blogs in the morning. Blogging can be addictive.

  11. More walks is a wonderful goal for the new year, Laurie, in so many ways. I wish you a much brighter 2021 with much creativity and joy. Happy Writing that 4th Great Library book! 🙂

  12. Laurie, we share that love of looking on water! Although right now I’m inland, I hope that will change one day. Maybe a nice quiet lake or sleepy river — certainly not the ocean with its propensity to hurricanes, ha! Happy 2021 to you, my new friend!

  13. Happy New Year! I hope the year is up to all the expectations we are collectively placing on it.

    You’ve made me think how the names of places we are used to strike others. Your Narrows look rather broad. Our town centre is called The Circus.

      1. Actually, the name refers to water, too. On one side is the Upper Narrows Pond and on the other is the Lower Narrows Pond. Both ponds are big enough to be considered lakes. There is some discussion as to why they are called ponds, and one explanation is that they each only have one source of incoming water.

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