It Hardly Feels Like Christmas

How quiet Christmas is this year. No wrapping of presents—all have been sent directly from where they were ordered—no rushing to clean the house, no flurry of cooking and baking. Less stress, to be sure, but also much, much less fun. As Clif noted, it hardly feels like Christmas.

In the guest bedroom, there is a stack of presents for us, which we will open via Zoom with the kids tonight on Christmas Eve. But without the kids actually being here, somehow things just don’t feel right. While we certainly appreciate their generosity, it is the presence of the kids that  really makes the holidays special.

Next Christmas, I hope, will be better with a big pot of chili and other goodies, with kids and family and friends and movies and lots of laughter.

I expect this will be a quiet holiday season for most of you. But I wish you all a good one nonetheless.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging, reading as well as writing, from now until the new year.  It will give me a chance to rest and gather my energies for 2021, when I will begin work on Book Four of my Great Library Series and record my podcast Tales from the Other Green Door, a spinoff of Out of Time.

Stay safe, be well. A vaccine will soon be available to us all, and life will open up again.

See you all in 2021!

25 thoughts on “It Hardly Feels Like Christmas”

  1. You’ve pretty well summed up our Christmas as well, Laurie. Enjoy the lack of stress; a tiny part of you might remember it fondly in the midsts of next year’s more typical stress! Merry Christmas!

  2. Have a nice break as you get ready to go on your next writing adventure. Nine months of quiet is a little heavy right now, but… I just made a batch of sugar cookies and now I’m on to toffee for two. We’re suppose to get 2″ of rain tomorrow added to the 20″ of snow on the ground, it’s not only going to be quiet but soggy. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  3. I find myself nodding to many of your words here. It definitely does not feel the same this year. Merry Christmas and best wishes for you and yours. Enjoy your break!

  4. We were just saying today that it hardly feels like Christmas and I hope sooner than expected in the new year that you are able to celebrate with your family enjoying those great meals, conversations and movies together. Take care and enjoy your rest!🙂

  5. Laurie, I think you are describing our Christmas! It doesn’t feel at all festive despite the decorated tree, the wrapped gifts … still, we will make the best of it and will contact our children via the ether – thank goodness for technology! I hope you and Clif will be happy and enjoy each other’s company. There is always next year …

  6. Sending my best to you and Clif during this very odd season. It does feel less festive, but it’s satisfying in its own way. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest, and enter the new year refreshed and eager!

  7. Happy Christmas to you all! I know you’ll find ways to make the day special. It doesn’t take much. There’s something in the air on Christmas morning that even quietness picks out for those brought up with it.

  8. Sorry to hear it is a weird Christmas this year. Quite a challenge to feel festive. Hopefully it will be different next year and this will be just a dim memory in time to come.

  9. It is certainly strange this year but I am enjoying the quiet – probably because I chose it rather than having it imposed on me. Virtual hogs to you both.

  10. Hope it was a restful & joyful Christmas celebration, Laurie.
    And what great news, that there will be a Book 4 to The Great Library Series!
    Wishing you a safe & peaceful start to the new year!

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