Friday Favorites: A Perfect Snow

Yesterday we had snow, but today the sun is shining in a deep blue sky.  To a Mainer, few things are as invigorating as light, fluffy snow and crisp air. I realize this might be hard to understand for those of you in warmer climates. But remember, I was born in Maine and have lived here for most of my life. To me, snow and winter go together like blueberries and muffins.

After breakfast, outside I went to take pictures. I will admit that my bare hands were chilly, but still it was fun to take in the beauty while taking pictures.

Here is a picture of our house nestled in the snow. The red makes it look festive, I know.

Out back, I always enjoy looking at the stonewall, a reminder of when the whole area behind our house was fields, not woods.

Then I turned my attention to small things, which are really my favorite subjects.

A fallen branch,

and a branch still on the tree.

My holiday wish is that winter brings us more storms like this, where the snow is light, and the power stays on.

Good things from fellow bloggers:

Barbara, from Thistles and Kiwis, notes her not-so-small pleasure of being formally recognized as a New Zealand citizen. Congratulations, Barbara!

From The Curious Introvert, The Week in Seven Photos, that features darling Harper, Baby Yoda, and a Christmas Tree made of books, one of which just happens to be my very own Library Lost.

And last, but certainly not least, from Canberra’s Green Spaces, a post that highlights a live koala in a Christmas tree, kangaroos lounging in a park, a generous gardener, an adorable dog named Charlie, and much more.  What a place!


53 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: A Perfect Snow”

  1. Well, I’m not a snow fan, but I have to agree these photos are pretty! And yes, as long as the power stays on, you’re good.

  2. Lovely photos, especially ‘fallen snow’ and ‘a branch still on the tree’. Your pretty red house seems to be lit up by the snow. It could be on the cover of a Christmas story for children…I read so many as a child!
    Best wishes for a Happy Christmas.

    1. Ju-Lyn, I have been having trouble leaving comments on your site. They seem to be going directly into spam or are immediately deleted. I contacted Askimet,as I have been having this problem on a few sites. They made a few changes which are supposed to help going forward,but I was unable to leave a comment on your site tonight.

  3. I hope for more light fluffy snow, too, but maybe a little warmer temp. My husband is out doing cross country skiing right now, and it’s zero degrees. We don’t want any frostbite here.

  4. Great photos of beautiful snow. I love snow but here we rarely get just snow. it is usually mixed with ice or sleet. We have only had one time in the last 40 years of just snow falling, it was beautiful. Enjoy your snow!

  5. I want some snow! We are locked down here from midnight tonight and since I can’t go anywhere I want snow!

      1. Just rain so far but once I have got some fresh veg this afternoon I will be happy to stay in until New Year!

  6. I may not want to live in snow any longer, but I love snow, and loved growing up in it. Your photos certainly brought back some memories, and most of them were good. All that shoveling? Not so good — although the pleasure of warming up afterwards was substantial.

  7. Hi, Laurie – I LOVE your photographs of the snow and your attention to small things (this is one of the many reasons that I follow you).
    Wishing you and Clif a safe and happy holiday season – with more light snow and power!

  8. Very nice. I think it would be a delight to live in a place with real winters…as long as one could completely stay home. Reading time is not long enough here on the west coast because of mild winter weather.

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