Red Cardinal on a Snowy Day

Today is the right kind of snowy day.  Quite cold—17° F—which makes the snow light and fluffy, and there isn’t much wind to speak of.  This combination means that there are no power outages in the forecast. Music to my ears.

Although I don’t usually post on Thursday, I couldn’t resist featuring these pictures of a male cardinal in the snow. I figured blogging friends who have neither snow nor cardinals would enjoy seeing them. And it’s my guess that blogging friends who have both wouldn’t mind seeing them either.

Any way you look at it, winter has come to northern New England, and I love its sparseness every bit as much as I love the vibrant colors of spring, summer, and fall.

Note: These pictures were taken with my wee camera from the bathroom window, which I opened. The feeder is probably twenty feet away. And the light, shall we say, was not the brightest.

63 thoughts on “Red Cardinal on a Snowy Day”

  1. He is lovely. Cardinals do add a nice splash of color on a snowy day… I saw similar at my feeders, but was too lazy to go for my camera, ha! 😉 How much did you get? Ours was around 14″

  2. The mailman brought our bigger, “squirrel-proof” feeder the day before the blizzard, and the birds knew what to do. I am just waiting to get a good cardinal picture myself!

  3. Lots of wind and rain at the moment – well I am back in England 🌦 – but no snow and definitely no red cardinals. Fab photos.

  4. These are gorgeous, Laurie, and would make an excellent Christmas card! By the way, Central Illinois has both snow and cardinals, but I’m always happy to see the two together!

    1. A winning combination. And from Hal Borland I learned how recent it was that cardinals have been in New England, never mind Maine. (Past twenty years for us.)

  5. That is such a lovely colourful bird – like our robin but all over red and brighter! We have rain and more rain so I am thinking of asking for waders or a wetsuit for Christmas! Thank you for the picture which looks properly white Christmasssy.

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