Friday Favorites: Out of Time Compliment; Thanksgiving Meal; Melancholy Christmas Song

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I received this comment from my blogging friend Susan, who very kindly put my new YA fantasy Out of Time at the top of her TBR list and quick as a wink read the book: “I really enjoyed it โ€“ yet another page-turner from you and I was grateful for some precious escapism. I just need to complain that you kept me up very late finishing it.”

What a nice compliment! Music to a writer’s ears, actually. Many thanks, Susan.

As was planned, Clif and I had a very quiet Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, it was a nice one, with the food being quite a treat. We have been eating low-carb and low-cal for so long that we both thought it was bliss to have stuffing and share a baked potato. All a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

Finally, a melancholy Christmas song—“The River”—from the great Joni Mitchell. Somehow, this song really captures the mood of 2020.


For more favorites and small pleasures read Thistles and Kiwis and All Things Bright and Beautiful.



54 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Out of Time Compliment; Thanksgiving Meal; Melancholy Christmas Song”

  1. Your meal looks good, minus the turkey, but I like the sides better than turkey too most of the time. Thank you for sending us over to Kwi, it was so nice to look at pictures of spring and summer! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I ordered your book via kindle. I have often found I enjoy YA books as much or more than those written for older adults! I have to finish the book I’m reading, which is troublesome, and then I’ll begin yours!

  2. Looks like you had a fine feast… ours was similar and I must admit, I liked not having to cook for a crowd… no stress! Looking forward to reading Out of Time, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Some day, you might want to try my new, ‘traditional’ cranberry relish. I started making it about a decade ago, and it’s so good. Easy, too. Grind up a bag of fresh cranberries. Grind up a whole orange, rind and all. Mix them together with some chopped toasted nuts (I like pecans) and a quarter cup of honey. That’s it. I like it stirred into yogurt or cottage cheese as well as plain on the side. It keeps a good long time, too, but around here it’s usually gone in a week.

    1. Your sauce sounds great. Back in the day when we had a table full of family and friends, I would make homemade cranberry sauce. But Clif does not like cranberry sauce, and to make it just for me seems like too much. Hence a small can, which I am able to finish before I get tired of the taste of cranberries. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Indeed, it is all a matter of perspective. Instead of a huge Thanksgiving meal with friends this year, we will Zoom tonight to share what we are thankful for this year.

    Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving plate – it has been ages since I’ve had green beans cooked like this (this was my favourite part of Thanksgiving in the US; next would be cranberry sauce!)

    Thank you for sharing the Joni Mitchell song – it reminded me of “Love Actually” which is my watch-every-Christmas-movie; which reminds me, time to pull it up!

  5. What a wonderful compliment to receive about your novel! Your Thanksgiving dinner looks fine to me – I very seldom partake of meat, yet usually cook it for my carnivorous family! The music is good too – so a treat for all of us. You have set me thinking about dreaming up a menu for Christmas – we will be three as one of my sons lives in the same town. I count myself very fortunate for that!

  6. Thank goodness for being able to connect with our loved ones over the internet! I am relieved you treated yourselves for the feast and hope you do it again for Christmas. You have both worked so hard to improve your health by changing your diet you deserve to splurge a little occasionally especially when so much else is restricted and topsy turvy.

  7. Oh, that Joni Mitchell song is one of my favorites. I always make note of the first time I hear it every season, and this year it’s from your blog. Thank you for that.

    Your dinner looks lovely. So glad you enjoyed it. Ours was also a small one – Just Michael and me and the twins. My mother and I planned the meal together and Laney drove over to exchange dishes with her, but that’s as close as we were comfortable getting. If it were warm, we might have eaten outside together, but it rained, so no way. It’s so hard negotiating the new situation with the remembrances of old holidays celebrated as we wished. It’s good practice for Christmas, anyway.

    So exciting about your book! Is there anything better than hearing you kept someone up reading against their better judgment? I can think of no finer compliment! Bravo you!

  8. My husband and I also eat low cal/low carb, and you’re right about a helping of stuffing and 1/2 a potato – that would be such a treat! We splurged on gravy. Lol. I’m glad you had a quiet but good Thanksgiving. We’ve decided to reschedule Christmas for July, and that’s lightened the blues a bit. Lovely song, Laurie. โค

    1. It’s funny what seems like a treat when you eat low carb/low cal. Definitely worth it for health reasons, but still a struggle. Christmas in July sounds grand.

  9. My great pleasure, Laurie! I had just got two award-winning novels from the library that I’d been waiting for, but yours was the one I was most interested in reading. I think that says a lot too.

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