Just Clif and Me

For the first time ever, Clif and I will be spending Thanksgiving alone. No children, no friends, just Clif and me. It hardly needs to be said that there will be no going to the cinema to see the beginning of the season’s blockbuster movies, a family tradition that stretches way back.

For the most part, Clif and I have accepted our situation with what might be called equanimity.  Or acceptance. Or whatever. We’re not angry, and we’re not depressed. However, I would be lying if I stated that we aren’t a little wistful as we remember past Thanksgivings. That’s allowed, I think.

More than anything else, this holiday feels flat. There hasn’t been a flurry of cooking and cleaning, the way there usually is before Thanksgiving. No planning. No anticipation. In some ways, this week seems like any other week during the time of Covid-19 and not like Thanksgiving at all.

However, I will be preparing a meal that’s a little special for the two of us: a green bean casserole made with with cheese and a sour-cream sauce, stuffing, potatoes, and carrots. For dessert we have a chocolate satin pie, commercially made but good nonetheless. No turkey, as Clif and I are vegetarians, but we will enjoy our veggie feast.

We have also put out our holiday lights, to brighten the long nights of November and December.

The wee camera has made the lights more purple and glaring than they actually are, but this gives an idea of how the lights look, a glowing spot on a dark country road.

We will be Zooming with the kids, which perks up any day, Thanksgiving or not. Thank goodness for technology!

We also plan to watch Babette’s Feast tomorrow, an oldie but goodie. The story, set in the 1800s, revolves around a French refuge—Babette—who is taken in by two Danish women, the daughters of a strict (and selfish) father who was a pastor. I don’t want to say too much about the plot in case you haven’t seen this delightful movie that deals with coming to terms with a difficult and disappointing past. And food. Lots of food. Hence its appropriateness for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American blogging friends. I hope you find a way to make the day special even if there isn’t the usual gang of loved ones and friends around your table.

The day might be lonely and quiet, but truly there are things to be grateful for. A very effective vaccine is on the horizon, and in January, we will have a new president.

Onward to the longest night of the year. Onward to 2021.


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  1. That is such a lovely shot of our neighbors house !! So many people – myself included are foregoing getting together with families etc to try and keep everyone healthy and safe- have a relaxed and wonderful day (C:

  2. Wistful …… such an evocative word and definitely allowed ….. I LOVE your lights … a hopeful beacon of twinkle and beauty .. so pretty …. and OMG …………. ‘Babette’s Feast’, one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE films. There are so many times when it comes to mind ….. I often fantasize about recreating a personal version of Babette’s Feast … so many times ……. I would absolutely LOVE to be watching it with you both …. we could each bring food to accompany the film …. all luscious and dripping in deliciousness ….. so much to look forward to … I am so excited about the vaccine and the freedom it will bring ….. and your new President is saying so many good things – so much to be happy about and grateful for …. ONWARD!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Laurie! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Yes, it will be a bit different this year, but we’re heading to the other side of this as healthy as we can be – onward indeed!
    Best wishes to you both for a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Two here as well, but I did make cranberry sauce today to go with the turkey and pumpkin cookies to go with the pie tomorrow. Flat is a good word. Nothing wrong, feeling healthy, just no anticipation. Oh well, it could be so much worse. I’m grateful, and I know you are too.

  5. You have stated the situation well. Cheers to the two of you for making the best of it. Our Thanksgiving is usually with family 3+ hour drive away … but not this year. My wife’s father (age 91) is local – so we will host him. Ordered a meal from a local restaurant, which is here, now only requiring heating. She made a pie today for dessert. Tes – different, but not depressing, lonely, or countless other adjectives. Just playing it smart and making the best of it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.

  6. It sounds like you have an excellent alternate Thanksgiving planned, Laurie. Wistful’s a good for what might have been, but all in all, not so bad. Our Christmas will be very similar; at least it will be very low stress!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Clif, too! And Ms. Watson! Enjoy the quiet time together. In these modern times, this sort of thing can be a real treasure. Rick and I and the cats are having a quiet Thanksgiving day here, too.

  8. I empathise with you as we head for an alone Christmas – which is traditionally a family gathering time here. It is a strange phenomenon, this acceptance of the rejection of what has gone before in order to embrace what we hope will come. There is much to look forward to – seeing our respective families again is the best. As you say, thank goodness for technology that helps us to communicate. My best wishes to you both for now, and for a brighter family future!

  9. Same here. First one alone in the 50+ years we’ve known each other. I think we’re going to watch a Netflix DVD, “Bunny Lake is Missing.” No special reason. We were trying to remember who played the villain the other day, and I decided to order it. (It wasn’t Tony Perkins.)

  10. I have been slow in reading blogs and writing comments but I am glad you are making the best of some very odd celebrations. People here seem to be starting Christmas early but it will be a very subdued one with no big get-togethers. Your lights look lovely and will brighten up your neighbours lives as well as your own. Take care, stay safe and eat well.

    1. Thanks so much! Like many others, Clif and I are making the best of a lonely season. We take great comfort in knowing that everyone we love is safe and snug. And may it stay that way!

  11. I’ll be spending this day entirely alone, since all of the people with whom I’ve usually shared the day are keeping it a family day. All of them have relatively large families by the time you count spouses, grandkids, and such, so that makes sense. It’s fine for me, but I’ve been thinking about all the truly alone people around the country who’ve been condemned to real isolation because of the advice to not let anyone beyond “those who share your residence” into the celebration around the table. Some singles will be truly suffering today — I’m glad I’m not one of them!

  12. Wistful is definitely allowed. I hope you’ll have a happy day. I’m glad you’re keeping safe. It is not quite as good to see people on Zoom or Skype, but it is a massive blessing to be able to.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! All of my family chose to have Thanksgiving at their homes as did I. Just me and my little dog but we have had a great day. Hopefully next Thanksgiving will be where we can be with loved ones again if we choose to.

  14. I’m a bit late with my reply so I hope you’ve had a Happy Thanksgiving… all be it just the two of you. We will be having a quiet Christmas too. Australia’s COVID numbers have fallen and states are opening up to more travel and socialising…. but we have seen how Europe and most countries have a second wave… so we are keeping it low key. However there is so much to be optimistic about for 2021.. many dark clouds are disappearing.💕😊

  15. A lovely post, Laurie. A bit reminiscent of our Thanksgiving in early October too. It may also be similar at Christmas.
    But your meal sound great, and your outdoor lights are pretty! Happy Thanksgiving weekend, you two!

  16. That is a great movie. Another one I’d like to rewatch is Big Night..,I think I have the title write…Tony Shalhoub was in it. When we work on Tgiving (being self employed, we will work if the weather is good and if the work isn’t done yet) we have any old dinner…This year it was spaghetti with jar sauce. But if a friend is down to visit, sometimes we would have dinner out. Said friend will be moving to her beach vacation cottage full time next year so I except a more social Thanksgiving. Sometimes not having “family” can make the winter holidays feel like we are missing something. I am sincerely sorry that everyone (with sense) will be missing their families this year. I hope that makes sense and doesn’t sound too gloomy.

    1. “Big Night” is also excellent. What you wrote makes perfect sense. Many of us will be missing our families. But at least a really effective vaccine is on the horizon. Next year!

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