48 thoughts on “Late Fall at Our Home in the Woods”

  1. No snow…so it’s still all good! Pictures from here a year ago show we had about a foot of snow, but still color in the leaves on some of the trees. This year the wind and rain have brought all the leaves down, so the trees are bare but we only got a tiny dusting of snow. I’ll take it! Your house is so pretty! When I lived in the UP of Michigan a lot of the houses were colors beside white. They said they had so much white during the long winter months they needed color! Is that the same in Maine?

      1. When we were in Finland a year ago this past summer, I noticed all the houses in Farsund, the town we were near were either white or gold or red. I asked and apparently there was some sort of ordinance that prescribed what colors you could paint your house. I looked cool, all so similar but I wondered what would happen if someone wanted to paint their house green. The person I asked seemed surprised that I would even have a question like that, so maybe no one would think to paint their house green either.

      2. Oh, goodness! Fortunately, people in my town can paint their houses any color they want. Hot pink, if that is their hearts’ desire. Not many hot pink houses in Winthrop, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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