One Day More

Well, in the United States, here we are, the day before the big election. In truth, many people have already voted, including me and my husband. I understand that because of all the early voting, we might not know the results on Tuesday evening. No matter. This song from Les Misérables captures exactly how I feel.

To calm myself down, I have been watching this short video—Blessings—from Emergence magazine. Recently, my blogging friend Robin from Breezes at Dawn shared this on her blog. As soon as I saw that the video featured David Whyte and his poetry, I was in. If there is one thing I like better than reading Whyte’s poetry, it’s hearing him recite his own poetry.

This beautiful video is very soothing. Exactly what I need to calm my one-day-more jitters.


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      1. I am so anxious and fearful. I have saved yours and Mr T’s blog on purpose for today just to give me something to keep me off the results every second. As I see Florida turning pale pink I am so afraid my worst fears will come true.

      2. AP has called Arizona for Biden. Their reasoning is that there is no way Trump could pull ahead, even with the uncounted votes. I am reasonably optimistic that Biden will be the next president. But what a nail biter!

  1. Les Mis is always relevant, isn’t it?? 😃😃

    My fingers are so firmly crossed!! Feeling a bit nauseous but also cautiously optimistic. We have some comfort food planned for dinner tomorrow because I think we’ll need it!!

  2. Ugh …. it’s been a long haul. Democratic debates started last summer. I can’t imagine the Founding Fathers envisioned a long and expensive process to elect a president. At least the ads should go away after tomorrow …. then let the squabbles begin. Yikes!

      1. Too bad TV ads aren’t selective. Because I voted weeks ago, why was I continuously tortured? … especially in races that I had no say? Ugh ….

  3. Thinking of you all Laurie and sending hugs! Thank you for sharing the beautiful Blessings video with David Whyte too, I love the music that goes with it xxx

    1. Many thanks! Yes, the music with the Blessings video is beautiful. At first, I thought it was a sort of Tibetan chant. Then I read it was an Irish singer from a fishing village, perhaps. Truly, music is the universal language.

  4. I am so glad you found it calming. I will likely watch it again at least once more tomorrow. We voted early, too. I’m going to tune it all out for a little while. It’s making me too jittery.

    One day more indeed…

  5. Best wishes for your beautiful country Laurie, ”bon courage et bonne chance” expresses my feelings too. I enjoyed the Blessing video with David Whyte….many thanks.

    1. This is from a Hitchcock movie—“The Man Who Knew too Much”—where the little boy, her son, is kidnapped. I expect Hitchcock was being ironic by including this song in the movie. 😉

  6. I am late getting here so the day has finally arrived. I am so glad it will soon all be said and done and we can move on with life without all the politics. Thanks for sharing the video. I am hoping and praying for the best for our country going forward.

  7. It’s wonderful to see the record early voting numbers and I hope it has continued today! The wonderful video was just what I needed before the election night coverage begins. I so hope we are celebrating this evening!!🙂

      1. I can hardly think of anything else, even though I have so much work to do on the upcoming book. Plan to spend some time outside. That and a few drinks should help. 😉

  8. We’re still watching the results…. it’s almost over, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a smooth transition. We’re going to need more songs of serenity!

      1. More than a few! The tension has been nearly unbearable for me and for those feared for another four years of Trump. Such a relief when the votes started heading Joe Biden’s way.

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