October Birthday

Today is the birthday of our eldest daughter, Dee. I have always loved the month of October, and her birth made it even more beautiful to me.

In honor of Dee, I post these pictures of this golden month that glows even when the days are gray and dreary, when even a walk to the mailbox across the street glimmers with a yellow- and russet-difused light, and the brisk air is filled with the nutty scent of autumn leaves.

Happy birthday, eldest daughter!

64 thoughts on “October Birthday”

  1. I would have enjoyed these photos more if I hadn’t literally just come in from raking thousands of them up in the garden. I’m exhausted.
    Happy Birthday to Dee – Mr. Tialys’s birthday is also in October (Halloween actually) but he’s over in England so a card will have to suffice for him.

  2. You have beautiful fall colours where our trees just turn dirty browns! Lovely pictures (as always) and thank you for sharing your love for your daughter.

  3. Those trees look as if they have yellow lights in them they are so bright! Happy birthday to your daughter, Dee…it was my Dad’s birthday on the 25th October .. a special month..πŸ’•

  4. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a birthday in October. I just had mine, although I had no golden leaves to decorate it. Happy birthday to your daughter — and every good wish for a coming year that’s ever so much better than this one!

  5. Awww. Happy Belated Birthday to Dee. I love October too, Laurie, and you’re photos are beautiful. Have a happy Halloween, a wonderful weekend, and a dreams-come-true election day!

  6. Happy belated birthday to Dee. It warms my heart to see these glorious pictures to celebrate her day. I like your idea of the air being brisk.

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