What’s Making Me Happy: Late Summer Weather, Great Numbers, Norah Jones

When it comes to the weather, living in Maine requires a lot of flexibility and a certain amount of stoicism. One week it might be 90° F, and we need to use the AC to be comfortable. The next week it will dip down to 55° during the night, which calls for blankets at night and a wee bit of heat in the house.

After a spell of dripping hot weather, I woke up this morning to find this delightful temperature:

This afternoon, it is 74°F—dry, bright, sunny—and tonight it’s supposed to go down to the midfifties, which I am sure it did last night.

This is typical late summer weather in Maine, and how I love it. In truth, I could have 350 more days just like this, with some rain thrown in, of course.

In a couple of hours, Clif and I will head to the patio for drinks and some nibbles.  We’ll listen to the crickets sing and watch the hummingbirds zoom to their feeders. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal will come, red against the green of the woods. What a wonderful time of year.

The second thing that is making me happy is by far the best. Clif went to see a nurse practitioner this week for a test to check his blood sugar. Good news, good news! After two months of a very low-carb diet, Clif’s blood sugar is down. Way down.  In February, his number (A1C)  was so high that the nurse practitioner wanted to increase Clif’s medication. Now, the number is so low that Clif is in the pre-diabetes range. We are hopeful that Clif will be able to bring his numbers down to the non-diabetic range and will be able to stop taking medication all together.

So happy day! I will admit that it has not been easy to shift our diet away from pasta, rice, and potatoes. It’s been very hard. But we have done it, at least in the short term, and we are determined to continue with this regimen.

Last, I will leave you with Norah Jones, a fine, fine singer. I especially like the first song—soulful and melancholy.



And here’s what’s making Thistles and Kiwis happy this week.

57 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy: Late Summer Weather, Great Numbers, Norah Jones”

  1. Good news about Clif! I know a couple folks who were able to get off meds – keep on going!
    Isn’t this turn of weather delightful? We got an inch of rain yesterday, so badly needed. Today the plants are happy, too!

  2. I could live with year-round temps in the 60s and 70s as well (though I likely would miss snow on occasion). And how exciting that your lifestyle changes have helped improve Clif’s health. It sounds as though you two are set for a pleasant weekend. Enjoy!

  3. Clif’s story is flat inspirational. I ought to get a little more inspired, myself. Now that the hurricane is gone, and with it the obsessive stress eating, maybe I can get things straightened out. Tell Clif we’re proud of him!

  4. Congratulations to Clif and both of you for preserving with a change of diet. Nice to get the reward of lowering medication. I agree with your temps … just all round mild weather is my favourite.

  5. A wonderful news Laurie. I am really happy for Clif. Diabetes is stepping stone for so many other complications.
    Good wishes with diet plan.
    Yesterday night it was 8C. The temperature swings a lot these days.

    1. Thanks, Rupali! You are so right about diabetes being a stepping stone for so many other complications. That is what scared is, especially when we heard that one of our friends, who has struggled with diabetes for years, is on the verge of needing dialysis.

      1. Now you have found an easy and safe way to control the blood sugar level which is like half way wining the battle. 🙂

  6. So pleased to hear that the diet is working! I am sure there will be easy days and others when you crave what is not allowed but you have been so determined and are seeing the benefit so I know that even if you have the occasional lapse er treat you will keep going. It is definitely autumn here with gales and rain but today is dry so i will enjoy it.

  7. I’m with you on those temperatures. This past week has been lovely. My idea of summer. Congratulations on Cliff’s numbers. Wish my husband could get his numbers down but he is killing me with his bread baking.

  8. I’d love 365 days of 75, Laurie. Lol. Only in Hawaii. Sigh.
    And congrats to you and your husband for the diet success. My husband was pre-diabetic and on medication. About 2 years ago we switched to a keto diet (low carb/no sugar). His A1C dropped to normal after about 2 weeks and he’s been off medication for since. I have 2 wonderful cookbooks if you’re interested. Keep up the good work!

    1. Wow! Wonderful to hear the story about your husband. Really gives us inspiration to continue. Thanks for the offer of the cookbooks, but we are all set. So many good recipes on the Internet now. Plus, because I have cooked for many, many years, I am able to apply what I knew in a different, low-carb direction. But again, many thanks!

  9. Great news about Cliff’s success, well done to you both. Your late summer weather sounds idyllic. We seem to have jumped straight into autumn!

  10. Great news about the numbers, both temperature and health wise. Changing your diabetes levels is a hard thing to do, especially with diet alone. Way to go. (I love the clothesline in your backyard. My mom had one of those and I’ve looked for one like it but can’t find one anymore. Laundry smells so good when dried outdoors.)

  11. Hurricane/Troppical Storm/Depression passed by us today with only 1/2″ of soaking rain for the gardens. By afternoon walk to the mailbox, the sun was out and air the beautiful with the after-the-storm freshness. Cooler days and nights for now. Good for harvesting and canning.

  12. Good to read this news and a very well done to you both. Your figures will have improved too! I had been thinking today’s weather was perfect so, seeing this, I looked up the temperature. Our high will be 57, but we have a blue sky and it’s sunny.

  13. Yay!! for Cliff!! I got into trouble once with high sugar. Changed the diet and took cinnamon-within weeks a marked improvement. How good he has you supporting him-Keep being happy and enjoy the season!

  14. That reminds me, i really need to start cutting carbs again, but they have been such a big part of my life for years it’s hard to think of life without them.

    Congratulations on your success.

    1. It is very, very difficult to cut carbs. They have been a big part of our lives, too. Fortunately, there are products out there that make it a little easier, but it is still a struggle. But, as Clif’s numbers have shown, the low-carb diet really does make a difference.

  15. Congratulations on the great health news and all the hard work that has made a difference! We’ve finally joined you with wonderful weather and Norah Jones is a favorite!

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