One Square Yard: Wednesday, July 1

Recently, I was invited to participate in a month-long July photo challenge—SquarePerspectives hosted by BeckyB from her blog The Life of B. The challenge is exactly what it sounds like: Rather than post photos with the usual rectangular cropping, the challenge is to post photos cropped square. So each Wednesday in July, I will be presenting a series of square photos from my own yard, which nowadays is the farthest I usually go. Hence the title, One Square Yard.

Perspective is a tricky thing. Some photos lend themselves to square cropping, others do not. But what fun to experiment with this perspective. Many thanks, Becky B!

To borrow the immortal words from Huey Lewis and the News, it’s hip to be square.

One Square Yard

54 thoughts on “One Square Yard: Wednesday, July 1”

  1. I like your squares! The last one did make me think of how long it has been since I’ve been to the When Pigs Fly Restaurant and bread store in Kittery. That will have to wait with a lot of other things. πŸ™‚

  2. I love all three – the heart leaf, the cheery yellow flowers and the frog that is being tickled by a daddy long legs.

      1. Half of my garden is “unknowns.” I remember where I got things, or who gave them to me, but the plant names tend to fade away. I would love to find a permanent, self made way to label my garden plants.

    1. It is proving to be flexible as well. The first day of this month’s Squares has been amazing. You are very welcome to join us too

  3. oh these are fabulous. I am so happy you have joined us, and can’t wait for next Wednesday. What a brilliant perspective πŸ˜€

  4. What an interesting challenge! I can imagine that some pictures would work much better than others. Now I have flying pig envy as well as cascade envy! Note to self – more sculpture in the garden!

  5. Love your take on BeckyB’s challenge! and that name: very clever! It certainly is hip to be square!

    I post on IG so Square crops are not new to me – so I hear you, not always so easy to get things looking good inside that square! You are off to a great start: my favourite is the Piggy Angel!

    Looking forward to more of yours!

  6. It brings back memories of one of my old cameras – a Kodak Instamatic I I think, which took square photos. There’s something about the format that makes me nostalgic, though the difference is that your photos are dramatic and excellent. Mine were blurred and boring. πŸ™‚

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