Oh, My! A New Book & A Podcast in the Works

Last night the rain finally came, and what a wonderful thing to hear it dripping from the eaves. It was a perfect rain—not too driving—and I think we might have gotten at least an inch.  Rain is in the forecast for the next few days, and while I like a sunny day as much as the next person, I am grateful for the rain as we surely need it. June has been such a dry month.

Here are a couple of pictures of our rainy yard. (Or garden as my friends across the pond would say.)

Lots of green, as you can see, but as my blogging friend Quercus wisely noted, green is a color, too. Yes, it is.

I am happy to report that Clif and I rose to the strawberry challenge, which I mentioned in my previous post. That is, two quarts of very ripe strawberries that wouldn’t keep long. In two-and-a-half days, those strawberries were gone. Utterly delicious! A good example of what you can do when you put your mind to it.

July is going to be a busy month for me. In the fall, Out of Time, the third book in The Great Library Series, will be published. In the next week, I have to get details about the book to James at Bookfly Design for the cover.  As with any book, there is also lots of picky copy editing to do before Out of Time can be published.

In addition, Clif and I have been working on an exciting new project—Tales from The Other Green Door, a podcast that will air sometime in July or August. The Other Green Door is a spin-off from Out of Time, and it involves two elves, Jace Willowdale and her cousin Thirret Greenwood. They have come from New York City to Portland, Maine, to open a café called The Other Green Door. Jace and Thirret are hoping for a quiet life in this small city by the bay. But because Jace accumulates magical relics from Elferterre, a mysterious dimension, the quiet life eludes them.

Because of the book and the podcast and all the work I must do to get them ready, blog posts for the next month or two are likely to be brief, with maybe a few pictures and a few lines.

Onward, ho!

And stay tuned for the podcast cover.




64 thoughts on “Oh, My! A New Book & A Podcast in the Works”

  1. Very exciting progress on the publication front. Looking forward to the finished work. 🙂
    Today here has been even rainier than yesterday, with a very big thunder shower with three heavy bands of rain. All the plants are singing!

  2. That’s the very best kind of rain, and I’m glad you got some of us. Enjoy all that work you have lined up. I hope it’s energizing, and fun as well!

  3. How exciting – a Podcast!
    Well done on the Strawberry Challenge – your garden is looking lush! (to us over here, a ‘yard’ is a hard surfaced space where workish things happen or items get stored and stacked).

    1. Many thanks! We also use “yard” in that sense, but usually it is prefaced with a word to distinguish it. For example, shipyard, junkyard. For us, a garden is the actual space where you grow flowers or vegetables. Fun to learn different ways of using words.

      1. Yes fun to know how you use the word ‘garden’. I did a 4 month trip round the world about 25 years ago and my last stop was a month in the US. It is where I found most misunderstandings happened in conversations as I expected words to mean the same and they didn’t!
        A weird experience – it took some getting used to. 🙂

      2. I bet! Had the same thing happen when I was in England. I actually got a kick out if it. 😉 In one library, I asked where the restrooms where—an an American’s polite way of asking for the bathroom—and I was sent to a lounge area on the second floor. Makes me smile to think of it still.

  4. Hurray for rain! With those 2 projects you won’t have time for watering the hard way. Good luck with them both. You must be so excited!

  5. How exciting! I shall follow along with great interest.

    Here in Cornwall, we have a similar day to yours – persistent rain. It’s pleasant rain though and not cold and like you, we need it. Your photos and mentions of green reminded me to mention that in Cornish there are two words for green. Gwyrdh means green when describing something artifical – a green chair etc. But there is also the word, Glas – this descibes the colour of the sea (there being a lot of sea here!) so it means blue, green and all other sea shades too. Your garden is glas!

    1. Thanks, Sandra. I LOVE the word “glas.” I have written it and the definition down so that I can refer back to it. (Oh, the aging memory!) My garden is glas has such a wonderful ring.

      1. I thought it might appeal to you, Laurie. The cornish for ‘my garden is glas’ is: Glas yw ow lowarth. Which sounds like this: Glars yew ow (as in ouch) low (as in below) arth (as in hearth). Emphasis on the first word of the sentence 😊 Enjoy!

  6. I feel like I can smell your garden’s rainy green freshness. I am so happy for all your good news. I love how you are full of stories that celebrate the wonders of reading.

  7. Exciting times! The garden looks lovely. Will there be more strawberries or are they all gone now? I have been reading about shrubs (drinking vinegars) made with fruit and vinegar, then diluted to taste. They said raspberries but I imagine strawberries would work too.

  8. Glad to hear the book is nearing completion, I was beginning to worry. Now I just need to worry about the podcast. I’m suspicious of technical things, but want to hear the story. I might have to enlist help but don’t want people to know I listen to stories about elves.

    Decisions, decisions…

  9. Must clear my reading stack by Fall, or at least Winter, as I will most likely set aside your new volume for the Christmas tree pile and January reading. I have shifted from Asimov’s sci-fi to BLM reading, or my brother refers to it “The Black Panther Reading List”. I’m into Fredrick Douglas’s auto-bio, “My Bondage and My Freedom”. You will see that pop up in one of my fiery Letter to the Editor posts shortly (need to pack for vacation and do a little editing before I hit the release button). -Oscar

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