45 thoughts on “Three Flowers and One Cat”

  1. Aw, (Sherlock?) kitty resting near the violets has the right idea!
    Pretty flower shots, Laurie. The yellow flower is Celadine (Chelidonium majus).

  2. Lovely pictures! I am so pleased the weather with you is nice enough for you to spend time outside with your camera enjoying your garden. Hurray for summer!

  3. Ah, springtime is looking beautiful in Maine, as is Ms. Watson.

    I feel like we are starting to pull through this down here. My kids are asking to have their significant others come over and zoom up to their rooms (without touching anything) and hang out.

    We never told them that they couldn’t come over, but somewhere in the middle of this we realized that they had decided that on their own.

    Such an odd time. Hugs to you all up there. Be well.

  4. I love to see the yellow flower. There used to be some in the lane where I worked. I like the shape of the leaves as much as the flowers and their peculiar character – there’s something of dampness about them.

    1. My blogging friend Eliza has informed me that they are called celandine. I like them, too. They have self-seeded along the fence at the edge of our yard. They brighten up that spot. Woods-poppy is another name for them.

      1. I’ve had to come here to find a ‘safe space’ to tell you I laughed till I cried looking at the moss lady and reading your comment, which is much needed at the moment. I feel a bit sorry for the people who can’t probably sell their flowers so I don’t want to say on my post that she’s the female, floral equivalent of the hunchback of Notre Dame on a swing…

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